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What Size Sofa Should You Get?

Decorating a room is not so cut and dry. It is not a now size fits all moto with so many different styles to choose from. Each individual style has a sense of flow to the room. Depending on your vision and, the type of space you want to create has a lot to do with what size sofa you should get. 

Lay the Room Out 

Think of your room as a blueprint. There is only so much space to work with, so you do not want to crowd the drawing with a lot of bulky furniture. We want the room to have a purpose, and definition of space. We could use a piece of paper, if you are a visual person, to have a guide and measurement to different size sofas. Make sure to label the windows and doorways in the room as well. This simple tool can give you the flexibility to manage the variety of sizes and layouts to the furniture you are considering. 

Wall length 

Considering the length of the wall, a couch that extends past the length of that wall is a no no. Allowing the length of the couch to have the ability to add a side table may also be an option so the sofa has a designated purpose. Opening up the room to feel airy and light instead of cluttered and suffocating. 

Sectional Couch 

A sectional allows space to be filled in a room where the capacity of the room allows a large multifunctional couch. A sectional can be in a variety of shapes and depending on the room, some can accommodate up to 8 people comfortably. Some sectionals even have the ability to me modified and changed depending on the style of the sofa. 

Adding in a Chase

A couch can be modified into a more laid back comfortable selection by adding in a chase to complete the design. We use a chase to add in a little more seating to a small room or zoned space, can really maximize an area. Not all chases are created equal. If you are looking at a more contemporary or modern style, your selected couch with chase combination may be a more firm couch. If you are selecting a coastal vibe, your selection may include a plusher couch with vibrant colorful pillows on a fabric couch. 

Traffic Flow

Going back to your drawing board diagram, having a defined traffic flow space where people will have a determined space to walk and gather, will ultimately decide how big of a sofa to get. If you have the couch laid out in the middle of the room with anchoring tables and a rug with an ottoman, the space behind the couch must be able to be considered as a line of traffic flow. The mood of the room can be completely relaxed and if you block that traffic area, you will engage in a feeling of suffocation. 

Designated Space

Figuring out what the space will be used for, will help you establish the right atmosphere you are creating. Will this space be used for nightly binge watching, or a more formal setting? Do you have kids and need a more durable fabric or leather to help with spills that are absolutely going to happen. Are you in love with a ultra-modern white couch with a designer loud rug to set the entertaining space you’ve dreamed of? 

Your couch selection will be one that only you can decide on. Shopping around and looking at showrooms can help you determine what type of look and style you are trying to achieve and once you have that figured out, the couch will be the centerpiece of your perfect room.