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Your Guide To Environmentally Friendly Restaurant Furniture

Sustainable furniture for your restaurant (or home) is based on the principle of closed-loop recycling. Closed-loop recycling is in essence a recycling process through which a manufactured good is recycled back into itself or a similar product without significant degradation or waste. Being eco-friendly and environmentally conscious is very important these days. Oftentimes consumers won’t purchase your product if it’s not labeled as such. 

The state of the world is concerning to many, and it should always be kept in mind when promoting a product or business and increasingly so with restaurants. Several large, international companies have adopted this trend, which has made it even more of a prominent topic.  The goal of sustainable furniture companies is to design furniture that can be continually reused, disassembled and then reused again and again. Many sustainable furniture companies focus on reducing the environmental impact of their items, such as using reclaimed materials or non-toxic furniture finishes.


Having environmentally-friendly products can affect different aspects of a business, so to help promote yourself and your business, it’s ideal to have as many eco-friendly items as possible. Some restaurants have recycled or repurposed cups, silverware, or napkins, but another way to up your game is by having environmentally friendly furniture.

Having environmentally-friendly furniture can be done in several ways, just like having other environmentally friendly objects. There are a few factors that make something eco-friendly, such as its sustainability, the material it’s made from, and how that material was acquired. 


The most common eco-friendly aspect that people think about is sustainability. It’s important to buy pieces of furniture that last for a long time, so you don’t have to replace them often. If you’re able to keep furniture around longer, it reduces your restaurant’s carbon footprint and eliminates extra, and oftentimes, unnecessary waste. 

Another way to make sure your furniture is sustainable is by repurposing it when it becomes worn down. Whether it’s being reupholstered or reused as a different piece, ie. making a bench into multiple chairs, it’s a good practice to get into. It will save you money, and also makes your business plan admirable to others. Not only is having repurposed furniture good for the environment, but it’s also very trendy and it’s aesthetic appeals to a wide range of customers. 


Another way to find eco-friendly pieces is by looking at the materials used in the piece. Researching the materials used is an easy way to make sure your restaurant furniture is environmentally friendly. Purchasing items with faux leather, items with little to no plastic, and supporting vendors with eco-friendly mission statements are ways to do this.   If you choose a furniture made from bamboo, you’ll not only have a great-looking restaurant decor,  but can also rest assured knowing the bamboo didn’t need pesticides to help it grow and that it will last for many years before needing to be replaced. Bamboo is beautiful and ultra-durable.

You Can’t Go Wrong with Wood

Have you considered creating a theme for  your restaurant decor around wood? Whether it is chairs, table tops, or bar stools, by using wood at every opportunity, you’re well on your way to selecting eco-friendly materials for your restaurant.  Basically, you have two options here: You can select furniture made from reclaimed wood or sustainably sourced new wood. In the case of reclaimed wood, the manufacturer is essentially recycling wood from either old furniture or other pieces to create new tables, chairs and more to make premium quality, durable furniture that will endure for many years. In addition to being a super green option, reclaimed wood tends to look cool. New wood from a sustainable source is also a solid option also, as the manufacturer can usually confirm where it originated and how many trees were planted to replace the ones that were cut down to make the furniture.


While it might not seem like it, seeing how the materials were acquired is also important. While buying furniture from large factories might be the cheaper option, it’s often worse for the environment. To promote eco-friendliness, it’s recommended that restaurants purchase their decor from approved vendors who themselves encourage others to be mindful of the environment. For example, making sure you purchased wood from a vendor that utilizes the entire tree, or a vendor that plants a tree for every tree it cuts down. Reducing your company’s impact on the Earth is crucial, and can make a big difference as more companies get on board with this idea.  

Although it might seem like finding restaurant furniture that is environmentally friendly would be difficult, it’s actually quite simple. If you keep the above aspects in mind when shopping, you will be able to find pieces without any problems. And while having this type of furniture might seem like just a trend and unnecessary, restaurants that are purchasing and using environmentally friendly items, including furniture, are helping reduce unnecessary waste.

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