Economic Education

Economics is a very important subject that should be studied by more students; in fact people in general and of all ages should look at the economy more, according to Alex Djerassi. It is a subject that is ingrained in our daily lives whether we recognize and acknowledge it or not. These statements may lead one to ask, “Why more people should study the economy?” Well, there are many reasons that range from basic reasons to more complicated ones as to why one should. However, here we will look at some of the basic reasons.

Let’s start with students who are attending university or college. In terms of majoring in something that could give them not only great skills but skills with a variety of job options upon graduating. Yes, economics is actually among some of the best choices for finding a major and ensuring a good job. Let’s take this job and skills thing a little further and get an understanding since this field of study is broad with a lot of benefits. As pertaining to jobs and the vast scope of opportunity, employers tend to respect and hold on high regard a prospective employee with an economic degree. The employer knows in general a possible employee with a degree in economics has studied and developed knowledge of the working ways of the world and exactly how it works in terms of finance, wealth, and many otherworldly subject areas. The skills learned from economics are various and transferable on a high level. The array of industries and employers hiring in the job market seek the variety that economic skills offer. This job market includes anywhere from being a Stockbroker, Economist, Data Analyst, Chartered accountant; not to mention, a Statistician, Market research analyst or an Economic consultant that would include issues of finance. Let’s take for example being a stockbroker and studying stocks and learning even more on a job about stocks with a hands on approach; therefore, an economics degree can land a student on wall street upon graduating. In fact, while studying at a university one could land a student on wall street as an intern to gain knowledge and be ahead of the game. Now, let’s move on to the aforementioned, transferable skills aspects of having a degree in economics. This range is vast and has a deep scope of opportunity as previously emphasized. The skills earned from economics can transfer one quickly into related economic careers by way of developing even further and using related skills such as critical thinking, communication, numeracy, research skills, time management; in addition to, problem solving, teamwork, data analysis; not to mention, computing, along with commercial and cultural awareness.

This is a lot to take in; however, as stated at the very beginning, more people should seek out information on this subject simply because of the fact that it impacts financial situations and looks at the transfer and distribution of wealth. Money is something that concerns us all. So, in a nutshell, more people should study the economy, even Alex Djerassi.

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