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How this instagram kid changed my family's life.

So I was completely lost: financially, spiritually and even physically. I didn't have any answers whatsoever and found myself downspiraling through this spiritual awakening. I thought I was honestly the only person on earth that saw behind the veil. Kind of like a movie or something where I felt and knew the world was against me and they didn't even know it.

Brandon is a former instagram artist that I stumbled upon through Shaquille O'Neal (lol) His artwork is/was extremely thought provoking. This led me to his story on instagram. He shared the most wisest information I've ever heard and he was a fraction of my age. I quickly shared his info with my family and it seemed like over a course of a few months we started laughing again, found our true purposes in life through business, spirituality and eating right.

I'm not here to boost him up and make him get views whatsoever however, he's more helpful than anyone I've ever met in my entire life. Please checkout this video where he touches on making money while not conforming to the masses

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