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Kuwaiti European Holding Completes Aqueous Resort Phase 1

Investment company Kuwaiti European Holding Group has recently announced the completion of phase one of its planned Egyptian resort — Aqueous. A longtime focus of the group’s CEO, Dr. Abdulla Al-Humaidi, the completion of the resort’s first phase helps to illustrate how the group is making waves in the real estate and travel industries. To appreciate how the resort is set to affect the field, we’ve taken a look at the plan at large as well as how it will provide access to local sites of interest. Read on to learn more about the undertaking from the well-known investment group.

Kuwaiti European Holding

Kuwaiti European Holding Large-Scale Vision

The big picture for the Aqueous resort from Kuwaiti European Holding Group entails the creation of a luxury destination in Al Qusair, Egypt that will draw long-term residents and travelers alike. Built through one of the group’s subsidiaries, ESTRICO, the initiative is aiming to further cement the company’s reputation for quality building projects that can facilitate high-level living for more people. The plan also seeks to extend the group’s existing expertise in the field, which includes real estate positions in Europe, Asia, and elsewhere throughout the world.

Eventually, the project’s plan calls for the resort to function as a place for families and others to gather in order to appreciate the company of those they find most important in life. This vision incorporates a focus on areas that can support large groups as well as many smaller areas to support more intimate gatherings. Through this mix of a variety of on-site settings, the resort is hoping to serve a broad selection of the global population who may be interested in quality time spent in a beautiful location. This vision also helps clarify why the group’s CEO, Dr. Abdulla Al-Humaidi, is especially proud of the fast pace of development for the project at large.

“It is with great pleasure that we announce that the works in phase one have now completed,” relayed the CEO. “We will now focus on delivering phase two of the project which includes a four-star hotel to bring access to this beautiful location to as many people as possible.”

On-Site Accommodations

The project’s ambitious and sweeping plans include a number of beautifully designed buildings to help blend residential and commercial spaces with the area’s natural scenery. The resort itself encompasses a large and sweeping area with a host of modern amenities. Spanning nearly 200,000 square meters, the project is a diverse mix of living spaces interspersed with outdoor swimming, sitting, and community activity areas.

The project’s many connected swimming pools are intended to give a natural flow to the outdoor landscape. Shaded by artfully designed structures and carefully planted trees, the water serves as a welcoming place to pass time on a warm and sunny day. Surrounded by a number of lounge chairs and tables, the area allows guests to relax by the pool and forget the worries of the outside world. The interconnectedness of the pools allows for long swims or small gatherings in a corner of the recreational area.

The project’s living spaces surround the central courtyard of pools, providing easy access to guest rooms when needed. The close proximity of outdoor and indoor facilities allows guests to easily transition between the spaces as they see fit. Rather than being confined to a single area, larger groups can spread their members between the rooms and multiple outdoor locations according to the desires of each of their individual members. Additional onsite amenities will include restaurants, cafeterias, kid-friendly recreational areas, shopping, and sporting facilities.

Natural Attractions

Another draw of the project from Kuwaiti European Holding Group is its proximity to the many natural attractions of the surrounding area. Perhaps most notable is its closeness to a private beach where resort guests can enjoy the natural beauty of the Red Sea. The sea’s waters are typically warm and refreshing and lend themselves well to those seeking a dip in one of the world’s most storied bodies of water. Guests who prefer to stay dry can amuse themselves by resting on the fine sandy beaches of the coast as the sun provides a warm and relaxing opportunity to wind down.

The beaches also provide the chance to dive beneath the water’s surface and spend time with the region’s world-famous marine life. Guests can go on diving expeditions deep into the sparkling waters to discover these natural local attractions. The wildlife supported by the sea includes a range of diverse fish, pods of dolphins, stunning coral reefs, underwater grassy sea meadows, and much more. Additional attractions can be found in the form of sunken manmade artifacts and naturally occurring geological formations.

Kuwait European Holding Attractions

Kuwaiti European Holding Group’s Touristic Sites

Beyond the natural beauty of the Red Sea, the Aqueous resort created by ESTRICO also offers easy access to numerous touristic sites in the nearby area. The area’s large mosque is a perennial draw for those visiting the area, as is the city’s fort, created by a sultan in the 16th century. Both structures offer great examples of historical architecture designs in the area and provide a vivid look into the region’s fascinating past.

Tourists can also enjoy time spent in the area’s local markets, which sell a variety of goods commonly found in the local community. Nearby to these markets are a range of restaurants serving up food and drinks based on the area’s close proximity to the sea. Traditional regional cuisines are on full display at these locations and provide just one more way guests can immerse themselves in the area’s rich history.

With the completion of phase one of Aqueous, Kuwaiti European Holding Group is further cementing its status as a leader in both the fields of real estate and international tourism. Under the guidance of CEO Dr. Abdulla Al-Humaidi, the group has become known for its collection of diverse and high-quality investments which have been designed to enrich life for populations around the world. As the resort and its many related projects continue to move forward, it will likely continue to showcase what the group is capable of accomplishing in Egypt, Kuwait, and elsewhere.