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Lanny Davis's walk-back of his bombshell claim to CNN is more complicated than it looks. And experts say it causes Michael Cohen some new problems.

Lanny DavisSean Gallup/Getty Images

Michael Cohen’s attorney Lanny Davis has made stunning reversals in recent days.
Experts say it could make it much more difficult for Cohen to be viewed as a valuable witness in other investigations.
Meanwhile, the reversals have caused CNN to come under fire for a story from which Davis has backed away.
But CNN is standing firmly by its report.

Michael Cohen’s attorney has come under fire in recent days after backtracking on explosive claims that his client had knowledge that President Donald Trump knew in advance of the controversial June 2016 Trump Tower meeting involving top campaign officials and a Russian lawyer.

The reversal from Lanny Davis, the attorney, sparked widespread condemnation — particularly on the right — of a July CNN story citing multiple sources who claimed Cohen was prepared to tell special counsel Robert Mueller about Trump’s advance knowledge of the meeting. It also opened up Cohen to new questions about his credibility and, experts told Business Insider, it may complicate his ability to cooperate in other investigations.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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