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Most Famous Entrepreneurs Of 2018

Entrepreneurship is a process of launching, designing or running a business that is a startup offering some sort of services, products, and processes. Products like Dacors microwaves is a great example of this. We take a look at the most famous entrepreneurs of 2018.

Entrepreneurs are passionate people who see the world differently and find a solution to a variety of problems. Whether you want to become an entrepreneur or have spent years being one. Reading short biographies of people who have been through this journey is definitely going to inspire you to do even better. Following is a list of most inspirational entrepreneurs of 2018:

Corinna E. Lathan

Has enabled businesses to offer better services, produce new ideas, and create unique products.  Together with many other traits that an inspirational entrepreneur own, innovation is one of the important traits. One entrepreneur who used her innovative mind to attain unbeatable success is Corinna E. Lathan — Co-Founder, CEO, and Board Chair of AnthroTronix Inc. she is a talented entrepreneur with extensive experience in creating diverse products in digital health, robotics,  augmented reality and wearable technology.  She has been recognized multiple times for his endless contributions and efforts to the biomedical engineering industry. By planting seeds of innovation she is positively impacting and growing healthcare sector.  Her passion and dedicated interest in empowering people through technology made her successful. Cori value different perspectives and skill set people. Her multidisciplinary approach helps her come up a technical solution that helps solve real-life challenges.  Her unwavering determination to attain success has made her reach where she is today and will surely take her far.

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Innovation and entrepreneurship go hand in hand.  The exotic combination of both elements 


Adam Spector

Mark Zuckerberg youth icon and a most inspiring entrepreneur of 21st century stated that those entrepreneurs succeed that are passionate about their work.   Fortunately, the current market is full of such passionate people. Adam Spector – Co-Founder of LiftIgniter is a deserving example.   Adam is attaining success and well known for his optimistic leadership and strong vision. He always communicates his message in concise, digestible and actionable manner. Because of Adam’s empowering strategies, innovative ideas, and smart skills LiftIgniter has attained success.   He strongly believes that in order to create an inimitable and fantastic product, one should need capable and adaptable teammates with similar passion to face challenges.

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Adam once states “passion about my team and my product drives me. I enjoy working with people who don’t believe in 9-5s.  He has the passion to develop valuable product and successful company. He has short but highly valuable experience in developing and organizing a range of domains including cloud technology, identity verification/background/screen checks, data science, E-Discovery, artificial intelligence/machine learning, and clean tech.   In short, his ability and willingness to fight for the idea has made him what is he today – a successful and influential entrepreneur and leaders of 2018.

Scott Oldford Is A Famous Entrepreneur

Born with a business mindset, at 6 years of age, Scott Oldford happily sold eggs to the senior citizens in the locality from his hen farm. Later at 16, he was still in the business world making his way forward until he found himself in trouble and a lot of debt at age 21. With his business set up going downhill and his debt increasing to more than 700 thousand dollars, Scott faced found himself facing a situation which made him lose hope. Knowing better, Scott took it upon himself to work his way back up to the top, and is now one of the most promising and talked about the entrepreneur in 2018. Scott realized that help was always appreciated and hence started working on a business model that helped other entrepreneurs to work expand and grow into successful businesses. With his new company Infinitus, he helps other entrepreneurs making 7 figures in terms of revenue. Infinitus was projected to reach more than 7 million $ in the year 2017.

Scott – The Game Changer understood the basics of a business and aimed to provide his clients a three-stepped path to success. He said that Relevancy, Omnipresence, and Intimacy – ROI – were the tools that guarantee business maximum exposure online.

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He believes that his ROI model allows businesses to achieve maximum reach and to tap the potential that was previously untapped.  In his interviews, he has suggested multiple times, that it was time entrepreneurs stopped relying on luck, and use whatever resources they had to continue to progress, no matter how slow, or small that progress may seem. He further believes that entrepreneurs are built with a mindset that is seeking opportunity in everything; however staying focused is extremely important. He helped the entrepreneurs by telling them to stay focused and say ‘no’ to the opportunities. Take only the opportunities that fulfill their original purpose and make the best out of them.  His different approach to business and his helping attitude gained him popularity among both the clients and the corporate world, making him one of the forerunners among the most famous entrepreneurs of 2018.

Andrew Bagrin

Entrepreneurship is an exciting and highly demanding field, one which brings forward a sense of satisfaction, new challenges, and spark. However, shifting from a 9-5 corporate job to an entrepreneurship isn’t easy.  It requires effective planning, positive mind frame, strong and long-term visionary and unwavering courage to attain desired outcomes. Andrew Bagrin — CEO and Founder of OmniNet put his entrepreneurial hat to climb the ladder of success. He started as a corporate employee, loved his work, but felt incomplete.   

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He always had inherent ability to make things work more effectively and efficiently. Before establishing OmniNet, he was Director of Service Provider at Fortinet – a network security company. At that company his entire focus on providing unbeatable security offering. Also, he was responsible for filling gaps in the security market. His determination and dedication towards his work made him attain success at every step. After spending years in IT/security industry, Andrew decided to take a bold step. He realized that the road ahead will be full of challenges that he wasn’t prepared for. He took the riskiest decision with no proper plan, but a strong vision to work smart.  Slowly, he realized that he can effectively shape the way security is delivered in future. It was only then he took a leap forward. His passion to full existing gasps in the industry combined with strong vision made him attain success.

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