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Olivia for GLAMOUR Mexico

On a beautiful day in the middle of June, perched up in the iconic Pierre hotel in NYC in their expansive Rajput Suite, Olivia and Mr. Butler arrived to spend the day shooting with GLAMOUR Mexico for their August 2018 issue. Surrounded by some talented and familiar faces (@AndreaTiller for makeup, @Seijinyc for hair and @Rachell_photo as the photographer) the mood was fun and energetic, setting up for a successful day of work that felt more like play. The looks that lined the racks in the second bedroom were inspired by the bold and vibrant silhouettes provided by many of the AW18 collections which pounded down the runways last year, (in this case from the likes of Tom Ford, Givenchy and Marc Jacobs), were then balanced by Olivia’s modern-feminine touch that only she can provide.

It’s this personal balance of strength and graciousness that GLAMOUR Mexico focused on for their piece on our own OP. Featuring a bts perspective on her evolving and ever-expanding brand, it’s inside this latest issue that we learn how she applies her positive outlook into business decisions, the steps (small and large) that she takes for her own success and her perception of the evolution and future of the fashion industry as a whole.

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After seeing you in this shooting, there is no doubt you are a total expert and you have forged your path perfectly. How do you perceive your career, from the beginning to this point?

People are growing and evolving constantly, without stopping. Knowing that, has been fundamental in my career: I try to always move, participate in any area of the industry that is possible, and just like that, I have been forming my own signature, with my own experiences. Also, I have had the fortune of working with amazing photographers and stylists. Surrounding myself with such talented people has indeed helped me grow stronger.

What do you think have been the biggest changes that have occurred in the world of fashion these last years?

So many things! We are in a very different territory than we were 10 years ago, especially in the online part, where we are converting social aspects, marketing and advertising, into videos and more interactive things. And, on the other hand, people provide new information of themselves in a different way; we interact with them in new formats. In that sense, we can afford to be optimistic because this vision (fast and worldwide) gives designers an international platform, and wherever their audience is, everyone can enjoy the creations that come up. And another very important thing is that we must be more ecologically aware; that implies the factories, their processes and we must create a philosophy of educating so as not to contaminate. Also, I have to mention the new modes of consumption. It surprises me, people didn’t consume like this before!

How do you visualize the future of fashion?

Before, it was the designers who dominated the market; then, the brands. Now it’s the consumers. Those of us in the industry are deciphering these new elements to adapt, and discover what the formula is and work with it. I’m very excited about the digital element, because it gives brands new spotlights so that, for example, people from New York can find something in Australia, Germany, or anywhere!

In your opinion, what are the worst enemies when you are trying to open a new business?

I always try to see the positive side, so whatever is considered a weakness, you must face it with your head held high. My best tip is to start with the basics; keep in mind how important it is to start with a small team, at a good pace and build at your own rhythm. And understand the identity of your brand, who your consumers are, and let yourself get known!

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