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Switching hosting from GoDaddy (around 180k/month visitors)

Hi Reddit!

I have a question about hosting switch.

Long story short, we've been with GoDaddy standard hosting since the beginning (over 2.5 years) and even though there were issues it was relatively stable.

Since then the traffic grew and a couple of months ago we've been asked to move to their business account. The issues started being more frequent. Right now I can't remember a week without a downtime, spending time with the support on the phone and trying to fix it.

Every time we call them, they try to upsell new service, better options, more memory and no one seems to know what they are doing.

Frankly, we had enough and want to move, even though we paid upfront for like 3 or 5 years.

We are looking for possible solutions and advice (because looking on Google most suggestions are from affiliates so not really honest)

The website is a simple podcast site built in WordPress. There is no files sharing, no forum, no data collection.

We've have a homepage and posts for every episode that you can stream, but the podcast itself is hosted somewhere else, so you are not streaming from GoDaddy hosting but with the featured player.

We get around 6k visitors per day/180k per month.

There are some jpeg and pdf hosted as extra material for some episodes, but it's only a few files, not accessed frequently.

Any suggestions?

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