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Top Things to do in South Africa

South Africa is a tropical gem that has become a favorite for vacation goers owing to an eclectic mix of nature and adventure at every point. With almost 3000 kilometers of coastline, an excellent list of rocky terrains and calming city life, this is the place to be if you’re seeking some time in the sun.
South Africa is also home to a rich historical heritage which shines through whenever you visit the place. With Luxury Retreats South Africa offering you beautiful vacation homes and tours, this African land is now just a few clicks away from your fingertips. And if you’re still wondering about whether to plan that vacation yet, here’s our one-stop tour guide to South Africa to clinch it for you.

1. Swim with the Penguins

South Africa is one of the last places to have mainland penguins, and they’re a joy to watch and play with. Just make your way to Boulder’s Beach, and you can have your time with the animals in the sun. Known as the “Jackass” penguins because of their braying voice, they grate on your ear no matter how far you are.
Take your time to go around the beach and enjoy yourselves since, its home to some of the most beautiful sceneries around the area.
The beach was fenced off only because the penguins became overzealous and attacked the nearby gardens, so, they can be a bit too friendly.
Pro Tip: These animals can also be watched from the various boardwalks if you’re not too eager to be near the penguins.

2. Visit the Nature Reserve

The Cape Nature Reserve is a work of art in its regard. The Table Mountains offers you a look into the African flora and fauna without any problems. This is also known as “the” place to be to check out the various wonders that Africa has to offer.
Check out the scene from above the mountains and eat at the best restaurants in town. Make sure to visit the nineteenth century Light House while you’re there. Remember to try out the curio shop in the area as well as to keep your cameras handy to check out flora and fauna around here.

3. Running with the Seals

The Seal Island is located just off Cape Town and has some of the most exciting scenes you’ll ever see. Remember this Seal Island is one of the most dangerous places in Africa with a stormy and rough sea surrounding it. The Seals inhabit the island and move around in droves. However, they also have to be wary of the Great Ring of Death around the place filled with Great White Sharks.
However, the best joy of seal watching is with them playing around the entire place and just having fun. Remember to take loads of pictures and enjoy yourselves while you’re there.

4. Robben Island

South Africa has a long, shameful history of Apartheid and struggles. The Robben Island was one of the places where the inmates were incarcerated, including Nelson Mandela. This UNESCO World Heritage site has a rich historical context and has some of the best stories to tell. When visiting, remember to take help from some of the local guides.
The guides were themselves inmates or have a history related to the place and tell you their own experiences. Not only would you have the heritage in the area you also have a ride around the island on tour, and you’ll also visit the prison.

5. Visiting the Cango Caves

The Cango Caves are the most intricate and the largest group of caves in Africa. These are caves that build up and hold some of the historical stories that add up. The Cango Caves were discovered in the Eighteenth Century, and archaeologists have dated it back to the Stone Ages. The Cango Caves with drip rock formations add up to the whole area and is one of the most beautiful scenes that you can see around South Africa.
Be sure to visit in a time when it’s not very crowded so that you can see the different areas without being too flustered by it.

6. Visit !Khwa Ttu

South Africa went through a difficult period of colonization where much of its local history was targeted. The !Khwa ttu is the San cultural and learning center and it offers some of the best stories you can see. It has stories of the San Culture and the Education about the indigenous people of South Africa. You can check out the pictures of the people, and also understand about their modern struggles and what they do to stay alive.
Don’t forget to take an impromptu lesson in the local “click” language so, that you can add the compound word to your vocabulary.

7. Howick Falls

Howick Falls is supposedly home to the Loch Ness monster of South Africa. This massive serpent named Inkanyamba is said to make this 300 feet high waterfall it’s home. Supposed only to be safe for the people of the sangomas, the natural healers of South Africa, this is one of the Falls that has caused the deaths of 40 people ever since it was discovered in the 1800s.  The best place to watch the Howick Falls is from a distance in the many platforms around the area.
Pro Tip: Carry your hiking gear, the Falls is surrounded at all the sides with dense flora which can create some of the people.
Remember to carry your sundresses and umbrellas and soak up all the heat that the local culture has to offer. Be sure to bring your respect with you and try out the local cuisine in the neighborhood markets.