Delivery man delivers a pizza ordered on an online food ordering app.
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3 Tips for Managing Your Delivery Team and Their Routes

Luckily, there are a few things to ease the load on both the team and the management. So, if you’re looking for ways to make your delivery team even better, here are the top three tips we received from some of the best managers in the delivery industry. 

#1: Use Route Planning Software

The first step every delivery company should take is the acquisition of route planning software. This type of tool sheds off hours of a planner’s working schedule and helps the company keep the costs down by about 20 to 30%. It’s also a way to make sure teams collaborate properly and that there is a real-time connection between office workers and drivers (in case of unexpected events or changes on the go).

Moreover, the route planning software is the ideal tool for managers who want to increase efficiency and productivity, provided they’ve selected the one that best fits their needs. Since the offer for this type of software tool is so diverse and rich, it may be a bit confusing to find the right one. So, if you feel overwhelmed, here is a well-researched guide of the top 5 route planning solutions that would fit almost any delivery business.

#2: Plan for the Unpredictable

Things don’t always go as planned (even though you’ve planned everything really well). Moreover, the delivery industry is one where the unpredictable can happen after every corner. So, whether we’re talking about a driver who can’t make it to work or a truck that’s out of business, you must have a plan B to cover every predictable risk. 

There may also be situations when you have to deal with a surge in orders and, in order to maintain your reputation untouched, you will have to find temporary drivers (who are also reliable). Lastly, things can get even more hectic if you offer next day delivery since only one unattended hurdle can bring the system down, like Domino pieces. 

#3: Focus on Customer Service

The main purpose of a delivery business is to make sure customers receive their orders in the promised time frame without any incidents on the way. However, in a highly competitive market, it’s important to walk the extra mile in order to ensure customers’ loyalty and positive recommendations. 

For this to happen, it’s important to offer them a friendly and positive interaction when they meet the drivers (the people in your team who have the most face-to-face time with the customers). Therefore, it helps to offer your drivers access to courses and training on how to deal with all sorts of people.  

Wrap Up

At the end of the day, regardless of the technology, you’re using, the most reliable and important resource of your company is the people. So, make sure to pay attention to your people’s needs and wishes in order to have them support your efforts for improvement and productivity.