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5 Ways for Increasing Efficiency and Organization of Youth at Work

Managing your staff today has become increasingly challenging due to the fact that the majority of the workforce are young people. Of course, this does not imply that younger generations are lazier; on the contrary, they are quite resourceful, devoted, and even ready to give it all they’ve got. The problem is lack of patience.

Millennials and younger people in general lack persistence, and without any tangible results, their motivation can significantly drop if they do not have an impression that they are making an impact at their workplace.

Considering that this is the case, there are some approaches to management you can take into consideration in order to make sure that this does not happen. Here are some management tips that you can put to good use at your workplace, to maintain a productive atmosphere.

Create to-do lists

To-do lists are very useful for a couple of reasons. For starters, they help you prioritize tasks, and also track progress. You can also segment more copious tasks into smaller and meaningful to-dos and have a better overview in terms of how long it will take for it to be completed. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to monitor or assess productivity patterns, and determine how to optimize your workflow.

By relying on to-do lists, you can track completed task, and with every completion, your employees will have a small sense of achievement, and with every fully completed project, this emotion will be magnified. These minor senses of achievement are great for maintaining a productive atmosphere, but gradually, they will lose their effectiveness, especially if they are overused; that is, if the tasks are too small.

Basically, this is a version of the Skinner box effect that game developers use to make the game more engaging; they constantly instil this sense of achievement in the player, but eventually, repetition and routine end up suffocating the potency of this sensation. So, you will need to find different techniques to maintain the productive spirit.  

Use management software

If you want to create a workplace that younger generations will like, you should definitely rely on technology and different tools that help you improve organization and efficiency. Younger generations are digital natives, and by relying on project management tools and online platforms for collaboration, you will create an environment that is more attuned with their comfort zone.

Furthermore, you will strongly benefit from relying on project management tools. You can keep track of deadlines and each project’s progress. Your workers can be updated on their work from anywhere, even by using their smartphones. It gives you a better insight for determining future deadlines and organizing future projects, and you will have an online space for collaboration which allows for a more flexible work schedule. Additionally, if you have a remote workforce as well, they can all communicate and organize their schedule more easily thanks to these tools.  

Encourage and motivate your staff

As an employer or project manager, it is up to you to ensure that your team is motivated and encouraged to maintain the productive workflow, and that daily tasks are evenly distributed. You can keep employees motivated by using a quality incentive program. This can be either higher salaries, but it would be wise to go an extra mile and come up with creative but useful gifts.

You need to know your employees’ interest in order to motivate them properly, and to come up with a reward that they would spend money on; in case they had some extra cash. You can go for a stylish suit, a video game, a day at the spa, a book collection, etc. This kind of approach will definitely be appreciated by your employees.

These rewards need to be used to promote continuous hard work, so if your entire workforce performs well, than you should not create a worker of the month reward and single out one employee; they all need to feel included and responsible for why the company is performing well, so you should have a team building activity and travel together as a reward for the collective efforts.

This will help them bond, and form a better synergy. They’ll grow to love their workplace even more, which can only yield positive results in terms of efficiency.

Lastly, to maximize motivation on an individual level, you need to make sure that your employees see how you have noticed their strengths and that you value their skillset. So, as a method of encouragement, create individual projects that are beneficial for the company, but that will also allow your employees to prove their competence.

Take breaks

Breaks are also important for maintaining a healthy workflow, and if you organize them well, you are bound to witness a rise in productivity. In other words, breaks should be fun, and for that reason, every office needs some form of entertainment. You can get a pool table, a gaming console, a darts machine, table soccer, or anything that your employees will love to play during their free time. Feel free to allow power naps during these breaks, because your staff will definitely appreciate if they can use the break to get more rest. You can also allow them to take minor breaks during work sessions, because these might in fact increase their productivity.

Employee online training  

Finally, you need to show your employees that you want to keep them and that you value them, and also that it is in everyone’s interest that they develop professionally. You can purchase an online employee training program, and help them improve their skills and their efficiency. This is a far cheaper alternative than traditional corporate training, and you can implement it on a larger scale, rather than singling out one or two members. This is necessary for growth, but at the same time, it is a very nice gesture.

So, these were some of the techniques you can use to inspire young workers and to both boost and maintain productivity at your workplace.