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5 Ways Motivational Speakers Can Impact Your Business

Motivation can be quite fickle as one moment you have it, and the next you can quickly lose it. Just ask any manager how they keep their team motivated to deliver high-level work and they will tell you that the task can be quite daunting. Regardless of the organizational set up you are in, whether a company, a school, a non-governmental organization, and so on, you might need to consider hiring a motivational speaker. 

Very often, many organizations produce events for their employees for the sole purpose of developing teamwork and inspiring them. However, to keep things fresh you may need to vary the kind of speaking event you have at different times to avoid monotony. For instance, you can hire a leadership speaker in the first event, then a business speaker in the consecutive event and so on. But then, why is it important to have such regular motivational speaking events?

1. More enthusiasm & commitment

A motivated person is more committed to achieving their own personal goals as well as those of the organization in which they work in. An inspirational speech can stir their ideas making them more focused and hard working towards what they set out to achieve. 

When a speaker comes in to motivate your team, they have that special ability to be able to light a fire under them that will inspire your employees to greater heights. The goal is for the speaker to be able to engage and connect with your team where they will feel more committed to being the best version of themselves.

2. More passion

Sometimes, you will notice an increased loss of energy in your colleagues and employees at work. The same happens with students who become unmotivated to perform. In civic groups, you may also notice that memberships have become minimal. All this may be attributed to lack of passion in what they are doing. A motivational speaker may be able to rekindle this passion in them making them more productive and more focused.

The way a speaker can do this is by helping your employees see the purpose and meaning behind the work they are doing. Very often, employees who become stagnant do so because their work has lost meaning. As a manager, it’s important to remember that even though you are paying your employees a salary, they still need some form of purpose behind the work they do. This in turn will keep them engaged and excited about what they are doing.

3. Fun

A motivational speaking event can be great fun, and especially if it is conducted by a funny motivational speaker. Besides motivating the audience to productivity, a motivational speaking event also inspires more fun in life. It’s important to bare in mind that your staff is probably sitting around all day becoming sedentary and stagnant. Motivational events are generally ones where your team in engaged and moving around which gets their blood flowing and heart rate up. Remember, a happy person is a healthy person, which in turn means a more productive employee.

4. Risk taking

Many people fear taking risks. Thus, they remain in the same set up in life, and same comfort zone. This hinders progress in their own life as well as growth in the organizations they work in. To push the fear away and out, a motivational speaker will be able to articulate instances of people who took risk and ended up successes. Some speakers will even give their own life stories as an inspiration.

The objective here is to get your employees to want to be more self driven to work harder and overcome their fears. Very often, employees who become stagnant also start to lose some self confidence. So it’s important to find ways to keep them inspired so that they push through their fears and are more willing to make that extra effort.

5. Stress reduction

It’s no secret that working long hours can cause a great deal of stress for employees. Generally speaking, a motivated person has less stress. They are more focused on the results and less focused on the failures. Without stress, a person is able to perform at their peak. They are also able to relate with others better, leading to more productivity.

By having a motivational speaker at your event, it gives your staff the opportunity to let go of their worries and stress for a moment and be energized with enthusiasm and passion which helps them to feel calmer and more at ease.

Specific benefits

As you can see by now, there are many benefits that come with having a motivational speaker at your event. Besides the general benefits as discussed above, there are some very specific outcomes that such events have in the lives of the audience (on an individual level), as well as in the organizations or companies in which they work. 

Below are some of the top specific benefits:

  • Sales increase
  • Customer loyalty
  • Boost morale
  • Employee performance
  • Better emotional health
  • More focus towards the organization’s goals and purpose
  • More responsibility with less supervision
  • More willingness to work and perform in a different and new way
  • Reduced resistance to changes in the organizational strategies
  • Individual goals alignment with those of the organization
  • Reduced absenteeism from work or class

In general, a motivated person will not need to be pushed to perform. They can generate their own ideas to solve existing problems. They can also easily adapt to a new way of doing things in their workplace. Above all, they will be more productive, more loyal, and more focused towards achieving set goals. If this is what you need in your organization then you might want to book a speaker for your next event or seminar.

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