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5 Ways That Managed IT Services Can Help your Business

Regardless of the business sector you’re in, managed IT services can transform your business processes and if you are not already using a Managed IT service provider, this is something to remedy as soon as possible.

Here are just a few of the ways managed IT services can assist your organisation.

  1. Migrate to the cloud – With all of your critical business data stored remotely on a secure server, you and your employees have access at any time and from any location, using any digital device. The cloud eliminates the need to have bulky data stored on your device and you can update in real time, keeping everyone on the same page. The IT support company would create and managed your secure cloud network, ensuring that your data is always protected. Talk to a leading UK managed IT service provider such as First Solution about migrating to the cloud and they will walk you through the process. Imagine being able to call a national sales meeting for all your reps to attend? You can virtually motivate them and by sharing experiences, the sales team can improve their performance and when you would like to talk to one of your suppliers, a video call is ideal, as this maintains the human connection. All you need to do is invite the person into the call and you are good to go. Of course, if the tech is challenging, the managed IT service provider is happy to train you on how to use the software, which happens to be very user-friendly.
  2. Business communication – If you are less than happy with the monthly telephone bills, why not switch to VoIP solutions? Voice over Internet Protocol is a system of transmitting audio and video on the Internet and VoIP applications such as Zoom and Skype offer video conferencing and audio call options. You can organise video conferences with your sales team, who are all remotely located and with whiteboard facilities and file sharing, you can get things done, while projects can be worked on by a remote team, with each member able to access and update data. The money you save on telephone charges will probably cover most of your managed IT services, plus you have the luxury of free video conferencing.
  3. Analysis of Web Traffic – Using the right tools, it is possible to receive web traffic analysis that help you improve your website and social media pages. If a page on your site is not getting many hits, you should take a look at the content, while pages that receive more visits are a reflection that you are doing the right things. Only by analysing web traffic can we assess accurately how our website and social media pages are performing and if a few changes are needed, at least you know. Click here for information on how data science can help your business.
  4. Cyber Security – It is critical that your business data is protected at all times and this is the domain of the managed IT service provider, who manages your secure cloud network, ensuring that your data remains secure. The network administrator is remotely located and they install all security patches and updates automatically, leaving you free to focus on other aspects of your business. If a hacker stole the financial data of all your clients, this could have disastrous consequences and when you enlist the services of a managed IT service company, they handle your cyber-security. They might carry out some penetrative testing, to see how secure your network really is, using skilled ethical hackers and should they find a weakness, this is plugged. Click here for more information from the UK government on cyber-security.
  5. Payroll & Accounting – There is specialist business software for every business sector and whether you sell real estate or repair property, there will be specific software that is designed for your particular business processes. Spreadsheet templates that simply work for you and you might be surprised at how many of your business processes can be automated. Your end of year accounts can be done by your accountant, who can access the required data from the cloud, saving them time and you money. It is important that you are always payroll compliant and using state-of-the-art payroll software ensures compliancy at all times. If you run a small business, the right software eliminates the need for a bookkeeper and that saves you some money that could be spent on something worthwhile.

Streamlining your business processes makes your organisation more efficient and if you are yet to partner up with a local managed IT service provider, all it takes to source a leading provider is a Google search. The first thing they will do is assess your existing business processes, which enables them to make a few recommendations on how to streamline your processes and make your company more efficient.