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A Basic Guide to Office Relocation: Useful Tips

If you thought moving house was stressful, relocating an office is a whole new level, especially when trying not to impact the running of the business while the relocation takes place. No business owner wants to be offline for very long, indeed, if you approach the right removalist, they will carry out the move without affecting the day to day activities of the client’s business. Of course, the larger the office, the more complex the relocation will be and without the help of an experienced office removals company, it could be a very stressful experience.

Here are a few tips to ensure the project reaches a smooth conclusion.

  • Create an Inventory List – Of course, not everything is going to be included in the move, and the first thing to do is create a list of items that are to be included and those that are not. If you need stuff disposed of, a commercial removalist has you covered, and you can use a colour code system with stickers; red means leave until the last, green can be relocated at any time and black not to be included. When looking for office removals in Sydney, the provider would want to have a copy of the inventory, which will enable him to quote for the project.
  • Preparing the New Venue – The space needs to be thoroughly cleaned prior to the arrival of office equipment, plus all utilities need to be turned on, with phone and IT connections ready for use. If you are having the space carpeted, this would ideally be carried out a couple of days prior to the move, and with a good vacuum, you are ready for the heavy furniture and IT equipment to be brought in. Here are a few more reasons to use a professional office removalist when relocating your business.
  • Sourcing a Removalist – Relocating your office is not a time to experiment, and you should only enquire with industry professionals, as they have the resources to carry out the move and the experience to ensure everything goes smoothly and according to schedule. There are a few indicators to look for; if they are associated with an independent review system, look for 4.5 stars and up, as this is a very strong indication of what to expect. Award-winning removalist are obviously doing something right and if you can talk to other business owners that have used their services, so much the better.
  • Waste Disposal – If you thought a lot of junk accumulates when you move house, it is nothing when compared to an office relocation. Make sure you have a pack of large black plastic bin bags and it might be an idea to order a suitable sixed skip, which can be left at the rear of the premises. This will keep things tidy, and if you are using a good removalist, they would handle every aspect of the move, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.
  • Replacing Items – If you have ageing office furniture or IT hardware that has seen better days, now is the perfect time to replace. Old items can either be auctioned off or given to a charity and this will clear make things much easier, with less to relocate. You can lease office furniture and equipment, which saves money and the provider replaces at regular intervals, changing the ambience now and then.
  • Packing Material – This will protect your assets and a good office removal company would not only carry out the packing, they would also supply all packing materials. When you ask for an all-inclusive quote, that should cover everything and that price should be fixed, irrespective of any issues that might arise. Here are a few government tips to make your business more eco-friendly, which is worth reading.
  • Planning the Relocation – If you use an established office removals company, they will assign you a project manager who takes care of everything, and that is the person you liaise with on every aspect of the move. This person would visit you at your office and collect important data such as what equipment is used on a daily basis and what items are to be included, then he or she can plan the relocation and allocate resources. Your project manager will ensure that nothing is overlooked and is responsible for the chronology and booking of special services, should they be required.

The key to a smooth office relocation lies with your choice of removal company, and with a specialist that has a proven track record, you can look forward to a new chapter of your business growth and a smooth transition for the old to the new office. If you would like to contact such a provider, Google is your best friend and can locate the ideal company to handle every aspect of the project, and the sooner you get the ball rolling, the better.