Business Operations

Designing a Practical Business Office Space

When you start a business, the space in which you work is incredibly important. You want people to be happy and productive when they work for you, so the space needs to be practical and designed to accommodate your business. Here’s how you can design a practical office space that works for your new enterprise.

Bathroom and break spaces are important

One mistake that people designing an office often make is not taking employee’s needs into account when designing their space. Bathrooms are often a key issue at work, and it is amazing how many buildings just don’t have adequate facilities. It’s worth visiting Arova Kitchens & Bathroom showrooms in Melbourne and making sure you have plenty of toilets for the number of staff, as well as plenty of sinks and vanity space for people to use.

Break spaces are also important. Unless you want people eating at their desk, which can hamper productivity and be unpleasant for other people in the team, it’s worth investing in a break space, possibly with a kitchen for people to use.

Make workspaces comfortable

Comfort is important when staff are at work. Any discomfort or poor design can lead to RSI – which means lost productivity and time off work.

You can make workspaces safer and more comfortable by:

  • Ensuring you have office chairs made for purpose, which are easy to adjust
  • Using desks designed for office use – ones with adjustable height can also be useful
  • Making sure people have enough space to work and storage space for their things
  • Not crowding people in and keeping clear paths

Investing in a decent workspace can help people stay healthy at work too and can be a good way to help avoid accidents and illness at work.

Add clear signage

If your office often has visitors, or you want people to know you’re there, then add clear signage. A lot of offices can be difficult to find, as they’re tucked into buildings with other businesses, so adequate signage will help to get your small business noticed. If your business is in an unusual location and people are always getting lost, see if you can get some street signs or similar to direct people to you.

Health and safety are key considerations

Before you start designing your office, you should make sure you read up on health and safety in the office to help with the design process.  Health and safety should always be a key concern, whether it’s creating a clear space without trip and fall hazards or making sure you have enough fire exits, so make sure you know the rules before you spend a lot of money on construction or décor.

The right office space can make the difference between happy and dissatisfied employees, so make sure you focus on getting things right the first-time round. It’s worth investing in great facilities, as they can keep people happy and productive and mean you aren’t spending a fortune on upgrading them later or needing constant maintenance.