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Equality in the Workplace

Equality in The Workplace? Here is How You Encourage it

Equality refers to the fair and unbiased treatment of all persons. In an age where society continually strives for unity, equality – especially in the workplace, is necessary for success. Employers are encouraged to aim for discrimination free work zones, so both harmony and productivity are increased in the organization. There are a number of things businesses can do to encourage equality in the workplace. A few of these are discussed below.

Open-Door Policies

The first strategy employers may use to encourage equality is the concept of an open-door policy, which is a time-tested and proven method to encourage a feeling of openness to employees in their relationship with their employers. When this metaphorical door is left open, without discrimination, then employees are allowed to feel welcome and relatively comfortable discussing issues that may arise. These discussions long-term can also improve their zeal for work and their comfort in the organization, as well as improve employee longevity. Defense attorney Diego Ruiz Duran is a strong believer of safety and comfortableness in the workplace.

Encourage Co-Mingling

In some cases, camaraderie is easily encouraged as employees gravitate to one another in the workplace. Employers as well can capitalize on the social nature of humans by having mandatory events that allow for the mingling of all employees, so an air of inclusivity is created and maintained.

Set Equality Expectations from the Hiring Process

The bid for equality for any company should be established from the outset. Get future employees to understand that when they agree to be a member of staff for the organization, they agree to the equality policies already established, and that they too are protected under these policies. In this way, employers can limit the chances of hiring based on discriminatory practices, and that these practices are further discouraged in oncoming employees.

Enforce Pre-Hire Expectations

While it is good and well that employees know that there are policies in place to protect them, it will not be enough if these policies are not actively enforced. Employees need to understand from early out that there are repercussions for discriminatory actions against other employees, and that policies advising equality should be strictly adhered to. In addition, it can help employees get on board quickly, so both workers and employers are unified in the fight for equality.
Workplaces encouraging equality practices drives harmony, productivity and inclusivity in any organization. If a company really wants to be touted for its inclusivity practices, it should be as hard as a linebacker in its policies and actions to enforce these policies, so that both external and internal parties alike can know that these are principles to stand by. Diego Ruiz Duran, Mexico’s top defense attorney, is an example of standing behind equality all the way. He fights for women’s cases to be dealt with in the same speedy and efficient manner as others. He also encourages equal representation across the Mexican community, regardless of class or economic standing. In the fashion of this dedication, companies could learn a thing or two from his practices.

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