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Finding the Perfect Event Venue

Event planning has been challenging lately, but with state economies starting to open up again, businesses can now resume their corporate events, within reason. That “within reason” is something that event planners will need to consider carefully. USA Today notes that event planners have taken a severe hit when it comes to the restrictions on gathering in most states. Still, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. As event planning starts to pick up, the professionals need to determine how to find the perfect event venue for their clients.

Know Your Audience and Their Dates and Times

When looking for a corporate meeting venue, the date and time are as important as the core audience. Some corporate meetings require stages and projectors, while others require executive meeting rooms. Some companies have a reputation for throwing lavish parties during their retreats, yet others are more spartan in their approach. Event planning is flexible, and some venues can cater for either (or both) of those types of customers. However, dates and times are also important. The CDC mentions staggering arrivals to manage guest numbers for events since restrictions are still in place. Dates and times are crucial to getting this aspect of your event right.

Set and Stick To a Budget

Event planning post-COVID-19 is also going to be a budget-oriented affair. Many companies will only now be starting to recover from a month-long shut-down, and the amount of money they might have had to dedicate to events before the pandemic has now decreased drastically. According to Marketing Profs, 61% of businesses consider canceling upcoming events because of their more limited budget. Ballpark estimates will be a lot less broad, and the leeway that clients offer will be even more limited than before. Setting to and sticking to a budget means more on-point estimates than before, and a better account of what the client’s money has gone into buying.

Consider Services and Restrictions

Does the venue require a mask? Are they compliant with hand-washing measures or have easy access to hand sanitizer dispensaries? While the mass hysteria about the virus has died down somewhat, it’s still a deadly threat to many Americans, and venues need to provide the proper services for their corporate clients. It’s up to you to ensure that the client has all the things they need for their event to go off without a hitch, despite the restrictions in place.

A Different Consideration of The Perfect Venue

Six months ago, the “perfect venue” would be picturesque with a wide array of services that clients could take advantage of. Today, the “perfect venue” is less about the stunning backdrops and more about what the venues offer to keep attendees safe and infection-free. These restrictions may not be in place forever, and there’s hope that a vaccine will come about before too long to allow us to return to our regular lifestyles. Until then, you may need to reconsider how you conceive the “perfect venue” since the definition you’re used to isn’t the one you have to use over the next few months.

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