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Green Tips for an Environmentally Friendly Office

Most of us have become aware of the state our planet is in and are trying our best to do our part in saving it as much as possible. If you are running a business, you are probably looking for ways how you can help in addition to your personal lifestyle changes. Keep on reading for some green tips and practices on how your office can be more environmentally friendly and help reduce your carbon footprint.

Implement Natural Light

If you’re considering building your office, you should be eco-friendly from the start. Consult with your architects and contractors to see how you can best use natural light to your advantage. Install huge windows that will allow you to use less electricity and opt for LED bulbs that mimic natural light as that will lower your bills and help prevent headaches and eye strain.

Bring in Plants

Being green means introducing some plants to the workspace as well. Having plants indoors will boost the mood of your employees and have many beneficial effects on their health. Not only will greenery improve the air quality but it will also take the décor to the next level. Some plants to consider include the peace lily, English ivy, and spider plants, as they are easy to maintain and help filter the air.

Turn to Alternative Energy Sources

While this might be a bit harder to implement if you’re renting your office space, you can also consider some alternative energy sources. Instead of non-renewable resources, try to power your operations through solar or wind power. If this is not possible, at least do your best to reduce energy consumption by turning off devices when they are not in use and buying energy-efficient appliances in the first place.

Change Your Printing Habits

It’s normal for an office to be full of paper. However, you should try changing your printing habits if they seem wasteful. Nowadays, there is no need to print out every single document as we can easily send files to people who need to see them online. You can also switch to paperless statements and send your employees and partners emails with all the important info. Plus, emails are much harder to lose than paper. Use digital signatures as well – it will save space and resources. On the other hand, when you do need to print something, use less paper by utilising double-sided printing practices. Make sure all your colleagues are aware of the new office rules.

Work With Eco-Conscious Companies

When looking for new companies to work with, you should do some research to figure out how eco-conscious they are. If they are not doing everything they can in order to help the planet, you might want to look for other companies to partner up with. Also, talk to your current associates. How large is their carbon footprint? What are the possible ways to lower it? See if you can influence them to do better, if they want to keep working with you.

Buy Less, Recycle More

Reduce, reuse, recycle – we are all aware of the three Rs when it comes to green living. You should do your best to apply this motto to your company as well. For instance, don’t order items in bulk if you won’t use all of them, even if it’s cheaper. If you do that anyway, don’t simply get rid of those you don’t end up using. Either donate or sell them, and if no one needs them, look for the best way to recycle them. Then, if there are items that can be reused, don’t throw them away; find them a new purpose. If you have a cafeteria, don’t use single-use plastic and look for more sustainable alternatives. Implement a new recycling policy and recycle everything that can be.

Encourage Your Employees to Change Their Commute

To make these changes happen, you have to constantly inspire and encourage your employees to think green and take action. So, while the commute will not make your office more environmentally friendly, it will make your workforce wary of the issue. See whether they can walk or cycle to the office and suggest carpooling if they live too far away. This is a small change but it means a lot in the overall scheme of things. There are many steps you can take to make your office green, from implementing the best printing strategies to turning to renewable energy sources. By turning these practices into habit, you and your employees will be well on your way towards helping our planet have a cleaner, greener future.

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