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How To Edit Text in PDF File

Adobe Acrobat enables you to make PDF files that are easy to send and access on any device while also preserving the document’s original content so it is recognizable by all recipients.

However, there are times when you may find that you, or members of your team, need to make changes to the original document, which a PDF editor enables you to do. And it is simple to use with a little Adobe Acrobat knowledge and expertise.

This online tool includes various features for improving PDF documents, and all you do to use it is simply upload the file into the program, then any edits can be made to the content as needed. Once the editing is complete, the modified PDF can then be shared with others.

Using a PDF editor, you can:

Add Comments, Drawings, and Texts

Provided your PDF has commenting enabled, comments can be added to your document to provide feedback or ideas.

These comments can be added using various annotation tools, such as the Sticky Note tool, which enables you to add text messages to the page using sticky notes. You can even give the note a subject and change the background color. To access these tools, you simply select them from the secondary toolbar of the Comments feature.

You can also add drawings, lines, arrows, and various shapes in the document using the drawing markup tool, which is also located in the Comments feature.

To create free-form drawings, select the pencil tool, and then move the icon to the location you want the sketch to appear and then start drawing. You can also stop the drawing in one place and then continue it in another by moving the pointer to the place you want to pick up. There is also a pencil eraser tool to remove parts of the drawing you want to be deleted.

There is also a Text-editing tool that enables you to add comments and marks anywhere on the page by placing the cursor in the area you want to add a message and then clicking on it to begin typing. It also enables you to change the format of the text, including make it bold, italicized, or another color, by selecting the Text properties icon.

Highlight, Underline, Strike Through Content

The PDF editor also includes a markup feature that enables you to strike through, highlight, or underline text on PDF pages using the Actions on Text selection.

It also includes a whiteout feature that allows you to cover any sections of the PDF you don’t want visible.

Advanced PDF Editing Features

There are also advanced PDF editor tools that enable you to edit texts, change texts, and correct typing errors. You can also create PDFs from any file format, convert PDFs to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents, create PDF forms, use passwords to secure PDFs, and more.

These are just a few of the many features a PDF editor offers to edit PDF files. And many of them are also available via quick action just by clicking different sections in the PDF for added convenience.

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