Business Operations

How to Staff Your Auto-Related Business in the Best Way Possible

Running a successful business in any industry is going to come with challenges. Building the best team possible is usually the most difficult challenge. There are so many talented professionals but they might not interview in the best way. Others interview very well but lack the basic skills to do a superior job on various assignments. Staffing your auto-related business will have to be done carefully as a poor hire can cost a business a multitude of money. You want to keep employee turnover low as training employees takes time and money. Below will be tips to staff your auto-related business in an efficient manner. 

Customer Service/Front Office 

For those that will be directly involved in setting appointments and dealing with customer concerns, patience is a virtue. Customers can get upset if they are being charged more than what they were estimated for a repair. Furthermore, car repairs of any nature usually come out of the blue and can cause stress and upset for car owners. Customer service also needs to be friendly even when a customer is very unhappy. Being combative with a customer is not going to retain them but abuse shouldn’t be tolerated either. 


The marketing team could be the most important aspect of bringing customers in. The crew that works on various parts of the car will help retain these customers. For areas saturated with similar businesses, maintaining an efficient digital marketing strategy is of paramount importance. Hiring employees with experience in the auto industry is important. These professionals could have established connections to leverage and already understand automobiles. Search engine experts can be a part of the team as driving rankings can bring in more customers than ever. Monitoring online reviews will also be important as a number of consumers view these before using a business. 

Repair Technicians and Mechanics

You want a versatile staff when it comes to repair technicians and mechanics. Windshield replacement is an aspect of repairs that a specialist needs to take care of. Far too many people try this on their own using YouTube videos, which can lead to a repairable windshield needing to be replaced. These professionals should be mobile at your business as driving with a damaged windshield is dangerous. 

Paint specialists can be an important part of the repair process. People want their car to match and would like this done at an auto body shop. Being able to do custom paint jobs can increase revenue if the team is currently not at full working capacity. 

Mechanics need to be certified to work on as many makes and models as possible. Being able to work on high-end cars can generate revenue in a huge way. Exotic and expensive cars will require specific skills that not all mechanics have. Versatile mechanics can really help bring customers in on a regular basis.

Staffing your auto-related business has to be done with care. Hiring all-star after all-star can maximize revenue and lead to years of success.