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How & Why to Make your Start-Up Environmentally Friendly

There are many benefits to running a green business, and they extend beyond doing the right thing. You can see the financial benefits of working on green practices. 

Tax Relief

Concerns about your tax returns should be more than just avoiding penalties, we should be looking to areas to gain tax relief. Many of these tax breaks are decided at the state level, so its impossible to give specific examples of relief for everyone here. Many states have some form of relief for green energy, and especially if they are producing it. It’s becoming easier to fit solar panels or wind turbines on your land and see the benefits. If you deal with large levels of waste, you can make significant savings through recycling. The cost of disposing of recycled material is far less than sending refuge to landfill, as this waste is more heavily taxed.

Fuel Costs

If you have a fleet of vehicles, its an interesting exercise to see how much your fuel bills could decrease if you moved to electric vehicles. The more miles you cover the higher the savings are. The cost comes with the purchase of the new vehicles. A new electric vehicle can be up to twice the cost of one which runs on fossil fuels.

Less Pollution

By working with green practices, we can avoid excess pollution both in the environment and on our property. Keeping the first one under control is the responsibility of all of us and will help protect humanity’s future. Looking after our property is good for the environment but also can be beneficial for our business. A property in good condition that isn’t polluted is a more valuable asset. But also consider the cost implications of efficiency practices. If a farmer uses high-quality swine feed, the animals will need less feed to thrive and thus produce less waste. We have already discussed how excess waste can cost us more in waste disposal.

Reduced Overheads

Working efficiently in any industry cuts expenditure, and the less our fixed costs, the more we can concentrate on areas that will make more profit for the company. Smaller electrical and fuel bills can leave us a larger budget for salespeople, who can then bring in new business. In some cases, if we can produce excess electricity, we can even sell power back to the grid at a profit.

Attractive to Customers

We are accountable to two sets of people, ourselves and our customers. Customers are increasingly concerned with green issues. Research shows that consumers would rather give their cash to businesses that pay close attention to issues such as reducing plastic packaging or reducing emissions. Ensure that you let customers know what you are doing to be environmentally friendly, post on social media, and even ask their opinions, where possible.

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