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The Tech Revolution: 5 Ways Digital Business is Changing

If there’s one thing that’s true about the tech world, it’s that it’s ever changing. New developments and trends in technology affect business as well. After all, business has largely moved to the digital arena. Let’s take a look at some of the most pervasive and far-reaching tech changes, and how they are influencing digital businesses.

Freelancing rules supreme

With the advance of communication software, especially the VoIP applications, the world of business has changed forever – and the shift is only just starting. More and more companies are discovering that there is no reason why they should be geographically limited when it comes to finding employees. Nowadays, the job market is global, and companies are reaching out to the workers who best fit their needs in terms of skills, education and price. Whether they opt for an outsourcing business, or a solo freelancer, one thing is true for sure: they are making significant savings on space. It is possible to run a business with no office space at all or just minimal headquarters, just by hiring remote employees.

Startups are adopting big players’ strategies

In their fight for a piece of the market share, startups are constantly learning how best to utilize their own advantages, but also what models they can borrow from established players. From purely practical concerns – like using efficient software release management tools – to creative ones, enterprises have plenty of useful strategies. After all, there is a reason for their success, and emulating their practices can result in a boom for the newbies as well.

New positions are emerging

Developing technology is constantly giving rise to new professions, while old ones are dying out. In all probability, our children will be doing jobs that haven’t even been invented yet. A quarter of a century ago, how many people did you know who worked in IT? None, or very few. The way people work is changing too. While some of your coworkers might work from home, from the other side of the globe, collaborations are actually more common and closer than ever. Collaboration software is making group creative endeavors easier than ever.

Save your hardware money

Hardware is dropping fast on the list of expenses for digital businesses. The technology that is changing the face of the IT industry, and saving companies – from the tiny startups to the giant enterprises – tons of money in equipment is the cloud. No one seems to be spending money on servers anymore. Why would they, when cloud is cheap, reliable, and offers supreme scalability at a moment’s notice. After comparing the pros and cons of cloud and in-house servers, most businesses are opting for the cloud.

Handheld is the new normal

Computers and laptops are slowly but surely giving way to handheld devices due to ease of use and general convenience. More and more people are browsing, shopping, watching videos, listening to music, and posting on social networks from their phones and tablets. Optimization for smaller screens is a feature any site must have if it means to attract and keep an audience. Users are also becoming more and more spoiled. Unused to waiting more than a few seconds, they are quick to leave a page that might be slow to load, doesn’t look good, or experiences glitches.

Company owners must at all times keep an eye on the changes in the business world. As technology advances, all of the changes are reflected in practical terms almost immediately. Those who can’t keep up will sink fast, while the ones who find ways to use these changes to their advantage will rise to the top.