Business Operations

Tips to Encourage Employees and Boost Productivity

The main goal in any business is profitable production. Both employees and employers share equal responsibility for the success or failure of a business.

As an employer, a few basic additions to your offices can increase productivity by giving workers some comfort.

While most employers enforce tough rules to maintain compliance, being a friend to employees helps them respect you more. Buying them that new coffee maker, new office furniture such as Winc or even a new air conditioner can improve their morale at work.

Here are more tips on how to promote productivity in your business.

Give Incentives

It is important to give people a reason to put in the extra effort. Showing employees that you recognize their input and support them, encourages them to work harder. By rewarding effort, it also creates good relations as employees take pride in their work.

It’s important to ensure that you do not just reward based on your own instincts. Investigate your employees’ needs and know exactly what they lack. It is better to enquire from them directly. It is also advisable to change the incentive regularly as it reduces monotony.

Communicate Effectively

Communication is the key to any productive workplace. It is therefore important to maintain healthy communication between you and your employees as you can always learn things by listening. With technological advancement, communication has become easy and efficient.

However, face-to-face communication remains the best. As an employer, whenever you send a message out, ensure you receive feedback. If this lacks, communication might not have been understood, and it requires an explanation.

Public relations are also an important communication avenue. People are more reluctant to talk to those in authority but the public relations office is close to any worker. Effective communication contributes highly to improve productivity.

Offer Training

Assuming that employees will learn on the job might work. However, it is time-consuming and can be a recipe for failure. It is easier to take them under your wing and train them on how to perform their duties effectively.

Setting up mentorship forums and having young employees trained by the older ones helps them to understand how things are done in certain ways. Offer employees training that will improve their skills and equip them with new ones to promote effectiveness.

Encourage Self-care

Most people do not realize the importance of healthy employees. This is shown by the high number of lawsuits against businesses by their employees. It is important to encourage both physical and psychological health among your workers.

Stressed people are less productive. Encourage them to work out. A healthy diet is also important. Giving people information about how to take care of themselves makes them feel they are important to you.

You can also incorporate some healthy and ergonomic office furniture like ergo desktop kangaroo which comes with a stabilization leg for maximum stability when using it in the standing position.

These kinds of small and innovative ideas can bring a huge difference in productivity and health of employees at the same time. Do not shy away from inviting professionals as this venture will improve productivity.


It is impossible for you to monitor everything yourself. Do not be afraid of delegating duties to other people. Checking every single detail yourself is both time-consuming and tiring.

Find people you can trust within your business to help you ensure everything is running smoothly. Having more eyes inspecting the quality of a job makes it easier for you and improves productivity. It is also a good way for employees to develop leadership experience which is important to you.

High productivity is the desire of every employer. Reaching this point is a huge task that requires sacrifice and hard work. However, the benefits are endless for the business. These tips will help you make your business more productive while improving relations with your employees.