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Why The High Request for Electric Motors?

In many industrial machines, the use of a motor is indispensable and important to fulfill their tasks. This includes machines used in wood processing, food processing, glass and paper mills, paper and plastic products, etc.

There are also electric motors that are perfectly suited for use in sugar refineries and they are an important production factor.

Electric Motors are used in many Different Industrial Fields

The application of electric motors is highly requested in the market. The motors used in turbines are responsible for driving the propeller, driving an electric generator, or winding up a wind farm.

Thanks to the availability of ad hoc electric motors and generators, supplying these operations has become a relatively effortless task today.

Electric Motors are also able to reduce Risks of Explosions

In addition, electric motors also find a number of applications in compressors and ventilation.

In the petrochemical industry, e.g. in oil refineries or drilling platforms, explosion-proof electric motors are the most appropriate solution, as the risk of fire and explosion is very high in these industries. Electric Motors offers in these cases a high safety standard.

Electric Motors help also to reduce Enormous Temperatures

Certain industrial installations in each sector require the use of electric motors with specific capabilities. For example, the electric motors used in steelworks must be able to withstand the enormous temperatures at which they operate.

While in cement plants, the electric motors must be powerful and universal enough to enable the crushers, conveyors, kilns, mills, and the like to operate.

At the same time, the electric motors used in municipal electricity or waterworks have completely different applications and requirements.

The specialization in the design and manufacture of electric motors comes in very handy here.

Modern Design for Powerful Machines

With the availability of a wide range of powerful electric motors, industries such as cement production, mining, petrochemicals, the sugar industry, and many others benefit in various ways.

Gone are the days when every industry had to build all its machines from scratch. It used to be the only way to maintain the specific needs of certain sectors, but no longer.

Today, thanks to the subsidiaries of specialized manufacturers, who specialize in the design and manufacture of electric motors with a wide range of applications, it’s easier than ever to build and commission machines equipped for heavy industrial tasks.

Electric Motors: A Powerful Solution for Your Business

The electric motors are powerful, efficient, and very cost-effective. They are able to improve the production processes of various sectors. There are manufactures like OME Motors that

are able to produce their industrial electric motors in compliance with the European safety standards and by offering them tailored solutions to the needs of their customers.

What makes the production of these special motors so useful is a large number of applications.

From wide applications in industries such as mining, petrochemicals, steelworks, sugar factories, etc. to specific applications for driving ventilation systems, compressors, turbines, etc.