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Why Your Business Needs Security Awareness Training

Due to the coronavirus, many people have had to work from home. As a result, cyberattacks have increased. According to IBM, they have seen a 4,300 percent increase in coronavirus-related spam since it was announced as a global pandemic.

COVID-19 caught businesses large and small off guard. From shutting down offices to CEOs conducting redundancies, the necessity to incorporate advanced cybersecurity solutions for home-workers slipped to the way-side.

One of the most common reasons cyberattacks occur is because of human error. For example, employees uneducated about IT security measures to initiate online, are more likely to open phishing emails. Email scams are becoming increasingly sophisticated and challenging for the untrained eye to recognize. 

It’s essential to train employees about security awareness online to build up their knowledge about spam and scams. But also, the importance of encrypted emailing and file sharing with other employees and clients. It is also why two-factor authentication is necessary for safer employee accounts.

To equip your team with IT security knowledge going forward, here are a few reasons why security training is a good idea;

Foster a Security-Focused Company Mindset

A company whose employees are all equipped with the knowledge and skills to detect phishing emails at home or in the office allows a company team to unite against external, and, on occasion, internal cyber threats. 

Raising awareness brings cyber issues forth that some company members may not have been aware of. Training from a professional IT services provider unveils the reality behind cybercrime.

Also, Make sure your employees are also browsing safely and use one of the top VPN providers so you can feel assured that their identity is protected.

Empower Employees on How To Safely Use IT for Work

Training each employee gives people the responsibility to take care of their employee account and online resources during work hours. Furthermore, the skills employees learn are transferable to any department they move to within the organization.

Training gives employees confidence when using the company’s intranet and servers. Whether emailing or saving files, security awareness training empowers employees to use and protect a company’s intel correctly.

Reduce or Prevent Breaches and Down-Time

Cyber attacks and breaches are costly, on the budget as well as the clock. If a company’s customer credentials are hacked and tampered with. A company would be forced to shut down until they could restore their clients’ detail. 

Training staff members about security awareness online is a precautionary measure. It’s something employees should practice every day to prevent businesses from experiencing potential downtime in the future.

Maintain the Trust of Your Customers

Maintaining the highest IT security level is also about maintaining a strong reputation with customers, laced with integrity and professionalism. 

A data breach changes customers’ perception of a company. In turn, new and existing customers may take their custom elsewhere.

Comply with Regulations

Depending on the sector a business resides in, and the state it operates. Shall determine what level of security and training is expected for a company and its employees. 

For example, contractors who service and supply products to the Department of Defense, are required to comply with CMMC regulations and gain certification following an audit. 

Adequate employee training is the pinnacle that could prevent numerous cyber attacks in recent months. Alongside suitable anti-virus software and backing company data on external servers, security awareness training is also necessary.

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