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Effective PowerPoint Tips to Improve Your Presentation

It’s no secret that slides are an integral part of any presentation; whether it’s a corporate exhibition or a group project at school, slides can take your presentation to the next level. When it comes to creating and presenting slides, PowerPoint is considered as one of the most accessible and useful platforms. It has tons of resourceful tools that can be used to make exceptional slideshows for your presentation. Having said that, it’s important to note that you can only create amazing PowerPoint slides if you know how to correctly leverage the platform.

This can be quite a challenge for many people given that there are numerous intricate tools and processes that are available on the program. As a matter of fact, if you don’t have the right knowledge of what you’re doing, it’s quite easy to end up creating more harm than good to your presentation. Even so, there are various techniques you can employ when creating a slideshow that’ll make the whole process a breeze. A good example is utilizing HiSlide templates, which will help you save tons of time you’d otherwise spend creating each slide from scratch. On top of that, since templates can easily be added to your slideshow, you can choose an appropriate one that coincides with the theme of your presentation. 

Tips On How to Effectively Utilize PowerPoint

Apart from using templates, there are several other things you can do so as to ensure you get the most out of PowerPoint when creating your presentation. Here are a few tips and tricks you can employ that are sure to provide considerable help when preparing your presentation slides.

Begin by Creating a Framework

This is usually where most presenters go wrong when creating their slides; in order to get stunning results, you need to make a “roadmap” of how your ideas will flow. After all, failing to plan is planning to fail, right? Contrary to what many people may think, the visual elements of your slideshow aren’t as important as its contents. In light of this, you should always ensure that you make a laid out structure of your presentation before worrying about its graphical appeal. You can do this by reflecting on the purpose of your presentation and what you’re looking to pass across to the audience. On top of helping you remain within the bounds of your topic, having an outline will also make it easier to add appropriate visuals that match the theme of your presentation. 

Use Animations Sparingly

Although using the right animations can make your slideshow stand out, it’s always good to remember that your presentation isn’t a music video. There are tons of animations and transitions that are at your disposal, making it really easy to get carried away. Still, when used appropriately, subtle effects such as these can take your presentation to the next level. 

Use More Visuals

Another common mistake that people make when creating slides is failing to realize that the slides are for the audience, not them. Some presenters use slides as their personal note cards; they’ll write down everything they intend to say and use that as their slideshow. This is a terrible plan because it makes your slides look extremely crowded, causing your audience to lose interest in your entire presentation. When creating slideshows, remember that they’re meant to be used as visual aids that help you drive your point home; thus, they aren’t meant to lead the show. Hence, it’d be shrewd to use very little text and if possible, avoid using them altogether. Instead, use high-quality images, graphs, diagrams, and videos with moderation so as to pique the interest of your audience. 

Use Appropriate Colors

If you want to create an excellent slideshow, make sure you know how to properly select a color scheme. Although the colors you use in your presentation relies on various factors such as your brand’s primary shades, a simple rule of thumb when making slides is using contrasting colors for the texts and the background. Using a dark background and light texts is a great option since most projectors make colors appear duller than they really are.


Creating an excellent slideshow for your presentation can be very difficult, especially for those who don’t have ample knowledge on the matter. However, utilizing the tips mentioned above can make a world of difference in your creation process. 

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