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Expanding Your Business into Canada

Aiming to expand your business into Canada? In this article, we’ll take a look at a number of factors to help your business expand to the Great White North.
expanding business into Canada

Which Canadian City to Expand Your Business Into?

The key to expanding your business in Canada is to find a city that corresponds to what type of business you want to start, the relative per-capita wealth of its local population, and business opportunities that are unique to the area.
Vancouver: Known as one of the most livable cities on the planet, Vancouver is a cultural center and vital port city. Industry in Vancouver consists of forest products, mining, biotech, film, and software development. The population of Vancouver is 1,953,2522 with a per-capita income of US $43,911.
Toronto: Primarily a financial and investment hub, the 7th most populous city in North America (4,753,120) leads the nation in a number of industries, including telecommunication, aerospace, film, media, sports, and engineering. Per-capita income of Toronto is at US $45,711.
Calgary: As the largest city in Alberta, Calgary serves as an important gas- and oil-producing hub (thanks to companies like BP, EnCana, Suncor Energy, and TransCanada) that produces 87% of Canada’s oil and natural gas, as well as 66% of Canada’s coal. The population of Calgary is 988,079, with a per-capita income of US $69,826.
Edmonton: As the capital of Alberta, Edmonton is also a major center for gas and oil industries, as well as hosting year-round festivals (which has earned Edmonton the title of “The Festival City.” At the present time, the population of Edmonton is 862,544, with a per-capita income of US $67,700.
Ottawa: As the capital of Canada, Ottawa has become a tech center thanks to companies like Bell Canada, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, and many other startups calling Ottawa home. Known as “Silicon Valley North,” Ottawa has a population of 860,928 with a per-capita income of US $93,440.
Quebec City: Quebec City has a reputation as one of the oldest cities in North America and as a manufacturing center for Canada (home to 10% of jobs in the manufacturing industry). Quebec City the provincial capital of Quebec.
Montreal: The 2nd largest economy in Canada is centered in Montreal, as it holds the headquarters of the Montreal Exchange and the largest inland port in the world (The Port of Montreal).

Using Virtual Phone Numbers to Expand into Canada

If you’re having trouble deciding which city to choose in Canada for your business, or if physical expansion is financially out of reach for your business at the present moment, there is an alternative method of gaining a business presence in Canada without being in Canada (no, it’s not paradoxical).
The answer is by using Canada Virtual Phone Numbers to establish a business presence by leveraging virtual means to meet the demands of Canadian citizens and businesses. Essentially, virtual phone numbers give you a way to speak to customers interested in your business, as well as allowing you to reach those customers — even if your business is located in a different country. With more and more individuals turning towards the Internet to handle their business, the need for a physical brick & mortar presence is no longer mandatory in order to do business in Canada.
Virtual phone numbers are available in over 140+ countries and countless cities, so if you’re looking to get in touch with Toronto specifically, you can use Toronto virtual phone numbers; for larger provinces, you can use those located in Ontario, for example. When a caller receives a call from a virtual phone number, they’ll receive a familiar phone number on their caller ID — which aids in the localization process and builds consumer trust, which also serves to enhance your business’s public image.
If you’re looking to go one step further, you can use toll free numbers from a service provider, available from Global Call Forwarding, to offer a toll free way of enabling Canadian citizens the opportunity to reach your business. Toll free numbers also have the inherent benefit of giving your business a more professional image which can be crucial to establishing your brand in new territories.

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