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How This Business Strategy Took Tai Lopez From 0 To (A LOT)

If you’ve spent any amount of time looking up business and marketing strategies on YouTube over the past couple of years then you’ll immediately recognize the face of entrepreneur Tai Lopez. He’s the guy who has the elaborate 10-minute long advertisement videos that you can’t help but watch all the way to the end. This fact in and of itself is enough to prove how much of a marketing genius that he is.

Who Is Tai Lopez?

Tai Lopez is no doubt one of the most famous names in social media marketing. He’s one of the people who took the powerful wheel of the internet and used it to make himself and others richer beyond their wildest dreams.

But who is he exactly?

If you read through the YouTube comments, you’ll find scathing comments about how he’s a scammer, and how nobody should trust him. If you actually do a little bit of research, however, you’ll find that the real story points to the contrary. Tai Lopez is just a man who perfected the art of marketing over the course of years and with great financial sacrifice. Today, if you want your company to conquer the internet, you hire Tai Lopez.

How Tai Lopez Made His Millions

Lopez has a bunch of business strategies, which we’ll discuss throughout the article. One doesn’t become as wealthy as he is by sticking to the same exact plan. However, he does have one key strategy that set him apart from the others.

How This Business Strategy Took Tai Lopez From 0 To (A LOT)

Step One… Help Others Make Millions

Keeping the flow of money steady is one of the most important things to keep the economy going. You give money, and you get money back- it’s economics 101. One of the things that many business owners fail to realize is the value of their savings. They spend so many years “saving for the winter” that they completely miss out on investment opportunities that would take them to even greater heights.

Tai Lopez knew that if he wanted to be the best, then he would have to experiment at his own risk to find out the best methods of social media marketing. At the time, social media marketing was still relatively new and was constantly changing, which meant that there was no all-inclusive training course or a college education that he could use. He claims that over the course of his career he has spent over $20 million dollars in marketing and personal education, but that his sacrifice was instrumental in making tens of millions more.

The most influential business strategy that made Tai Lopez his millions, however, wasn’t the money that he spent on bettering his knowledge but his dedication to a single purpose: to help other businesses be successful. He is currently an investor, partner, and financial advisor to more than 20 multi-million dollar businesses.

Most things that people buy eventually break or become useless. However, if you bought what  Tai Lopez was selling, you were only going to make even more money. That’s why services like marketing are always a win-win scenario. The marketer gets paid to make you even more money than you’re spending on the marketer.

This is where it’s crucial to understand the concept of cash flow and why it needs to flow. A business that refuses to spend money on marketing won’t see half of the business that it would otherwise be receiving. You shouldn’t be saving all of your money for a rainy day, you should be re-investing it into things that will increase your revenue. Your personal brand and marketing should come before anything else.

How This Business Strategy Took Tai Lopez From 0 To (A LOT)

Digital Marketing

Tai Lopez specialized in digital marketing when it was just coming around. Today, there are plenty of training courses, books, and even college degrees that you can get if you want to become a digital marketer. Back in the early days, however, you pretty much had to dive head-first into a dark ocean of information and hope that you could glean enough information to survive.

Tai Lopez not only survived, but he thrived. He taught himself everything that he needed to know to be considered a master on the subject. He then took all of his newfound knowledge and began advertising his marketing services to every company that would hear him out. Over his years of working with these clients, he gained all of the on-the-job experience and grit that he needed to take his brand global.

He would sit down with a business, work with them to create a marketing vision, and then he would take over their social media and digital marketing, constantly tweaking it for perfection. As soon as these businesses started to see a return on their investment, Lopez could take the marketing up a notch and charge even higher prices.

The key to his digital marketing success was scaling. He knew that to really achieve the level of success that he wanted, he would have to grow his brand and begin servicing multiple clients at once.

Training Courses

One of the great things about being a master in a certain field is that your information becomes valuable. People will pay to hear you talk about how you made money. Everybody wants an easy answer on how to get rich quick. While you can’t always get this, taking some advice from somebody who already got there is a great way to avoid many of the first-time mistakes that you would otherwise fall victim to.

Tai Lopez offers online courses, boot camps, and more than teach aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners how to do marketing. He takes on a mentorship role and prepares them for the cutthroat world of marketing, taking them through the pitfalls to avoid, and showing them the right path to follow.

While you could get all of this advice from years of experience and read through thousands of pages, having it all laid out in a simple package makes everything a lot easier and more manageable.

How This Business Strategy Took Tai Lopez From 0 To (A LOT)

Creating Brand Awareness

Tai Lopez milks social media marketing for himself too. He currently has amassed over a million Snapchat followers. He spends his days filming his life, telling interesting stories, giving motivational advice, and showing off his lavish lifestyle. He has a personality that draws you in. If you watch his videos, he connects to people and talks about his days growing up poor, and how he had to pull himself up by his bootstraps.

By creating this brand awareness through social media, he doesn’t have to pay for billboards and Google advertisements. His fans (and haters) do all of the marketing for him.

Taking Your Business From 0 to 100

So what’s the most important takeaway from this article?

It’s to create a business that’s based on bringing value to other people. Whether you do this through your products or services, you need to be selling them something that they’ll be happy to spend money on.

In additional lesson is to always stay on the cutting edge of technology and marketing. Make use of free social media, always change your techniques, and never allow your business to stagnate. If you can do all of these, then you’ll never have to worry about finding new clients.

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