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How to Embed a Google Form into a QR Code; a Contactless Survey Method

To address any societal or institutional issues within your community, doing surveys are the best way to get the people’s opinion. As technology is becoming a substantial tool for any surveying means, how can the use of QR codes fasten your survey conduct?

During a time of a pandemic, the traditional way of handing out questionnaires can be risky. Even without a virus rampaging around communities, a contactless approach is a safer way to do it. Because of that, the use of Google Form QR codes arises. 

How to Create a Google Form QR Code

To embed a Google form on a QR code is a simple task. It can be done in five simple steps.

1.      Create your Google form and copy the shareable link.

2.      Go to a QR code generator online and choose the URL type QR code.

3.      Paste the link of your Google form on the box provided.

4.      Generate your QR code.

5.      Customize the QR code and save it for distribution.

It doesn’t take much to create a QR code for a Google form. With only the link of the form and a few clicks of the button, you can effectively create a QR code fit for your needs.

How to Use QR Codes to Promote Contactless Surveys?

The reason you create a Google form QR code is to conduct a survey without engaging in any contact that can result in exposure and risk.

So, you might be asking, how can you effectively distribute your QR codes?

1. Share them in Social Media

The social media community is as big as the real world. With almost every person being on the platform, there is no reason why it isn’t as effective as handing out your QR codes.

One thing that you can’t do in the real world is have widespread reach. Your respondents are limited to the people who pass by you. In social media, it can be anyone around your city or even in the world.

2. Email/Message Respondents

One way to promote contactless surveys is by emailing or messaging possible respondents. They can be your friends or family. You can then urge them to reach out to people whom they know to do the same.

You can also message random people, ones that you don’t know. It is just a survey and you have made it easy by converting the link into a QR code. They only need to scan it and answer questions on the go, regardless of when and where they are.

3. Put QR Code Posters

Instead of handing out your surveys, you can just put a single poster with the details of the survey. You don’t need to hand anything and respondents don’t have to return anything to you as well.

You can leave your poster for people to take their time answering your survey. Though, you can also stick around to tell people how it works.

You only need to get them to scan it once and they can answer it while on the go.

Why Use QR Codes for Contactless Surveys?

QR codes are not the only way to conduct contactless surveys. Traditionally, you share the link of your Google form.

1. Easier to Access

The biggest benefit to QR codes is its ease of use. With almost everybody owning a smartphone, the only thing they have to do is point their camera on the image and they are good to go.

It makes everything easier, faster, and more convenient. Without any unnecessary hassle, people don’t tend to find it a burden and are able to allot a little time and effort for your survey.

2.     Simple to Understand

If you share a link on your social media pages, chances are, people have no idea what it is. You can put a description, but there is no guarantee that people would read it.

However, an image with a call-to-action is a completely different story. It easily catches the attention of your audience plus gives an idea on what it is. If you are using a QR code generator with logo, you can further make the image more intuitive.

When people are not constantly left guessing, it is easier for them to scan and get involved.

3. Convenient to Share

How do you save a link? You highlight and save it to your preferred note taking app. That consists of a few steps and most people won’t even bother. If they don’t save your link, then they can’t share it. But with the use of QR codes, they can just save the code and conveniently share it to people. 


Google Forms have completely reformed how surveys are being done today. As they can be paired with the arrival of QR codes, it creates the most convenient way to carry out surveys.

Whereas people before would do everything they could to escape answering a survey. Today, things are different. Anybody is willing to partake considering how fast and easy it is.

So, if you want to conduct a successful survey, you ought to use a Google form and embed it on a QR code. 

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