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International Expansion: Making Sure Your Brand Isn’t Lost in Translation

International expansion is on the minds of various entrepreneurs that span numerous business niches. Some of the most successful brands in the world have experienced growing pains while expanding to new countries. Naming issues have plagued large brands like Gerber in France as the name is slang for vomit or throwing up. These types of challenges can occur as many unforeseen issues arise during international expansion. Before expanding sitting down with language marketing consultants from the countries being expanded to is imperative. These experts can help edit certain language or make small tweaks that make a huge difference in local dialect and how a brand will be received. A flexible product and brand will be best received around the world when compared to a rigid brand unwilling to modify anything. 

Finding the Right Translation Experts 

Finding reliable translation services experts like the translation company Cultures Connection could not be more important. Figuring out a strategy or way to translate a branding campaign into a local dialect that will help get across the company’s message is important. Failure to do this can lead to little to no ROI on a marketing campaign introducing a brand to a new international market. The failure or inability to create a strong brand in a new international location can lead to massive losses for a business. Do not simply think that an international market is a great idea without doing the detailed research on every facet of the location. 

Listening to Customer Feedback

Nike was the target of protests in Australia and New Zealand after releasing leggings with a certain design. Protesters felt like the pattern being based off of tattoos common in the Pacific Islands was insensitive to base the design off of. Listening to the feedback of customers can help avoid further issues with international expansion. Avoiding cultural conflicts by any means possible, consider hiring a percentage of staff from the country its location is in. Small cultural differences or tweaks by a native person can make all of the difference in the success of a new international location. 

Influencers Can Help 

Influencer marketing can be the perfect way to find favor with the younger demographic in certain countries. Find the right influencer that aligns with brand values and has the trust of the company’s target demographic. Local marketing campaigns will differ immensely as certain platforms are utilized far differently depending on country. 

Images Translate Well in Many Cases 

The right image during a branding or ad campaign can work wonders for a company. Brand recognition is important regardless of location and the right imagery can create this. Standing out from other local brands is important without standing out in a way that is deemed negative by consumers. 

The translation of a brand is going to take hard work over time much like a domestic branding campaign. Being able to create other streams of income from international offerings can turn a company into a corporate juggernaut. Research to the greatest extent possible then base the decision on the data that has been gathered! A brand can reach a worldwide audience in a successful way with careful planning and execution.