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Top 5 Benefits Of RPA In Customer Service

Before we delve into the topic of this blog, let’s first understand what Robotic Process Automation means.

In simple terms, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is nothing but a computer coded software that replicates human actions to perform a repetitive or rules-based task.

Whether it’s generating invoices or sorting out data, the bots take over the mundane, clerical jobs, thereby freeing up the human worker to focus on tasks that require creativity and judgment.

From reduced costs to improved productivity, enterprises are embracing automation across their business processes for numerous benefits. Robot-led automation is implemented for both front-end and back-office processes across industries.

One such industry that’s reaping the benefits of Robotic Process Automation is the customer service sector.

So, what does exactly CX mean? CX or Customer Experience is where organizations work towards satisfying their customer needs and engaging with customers/clients at every touchpoint that ultimately results in customer happiness.

When we talk about creating meaningful customer experiences, automation helps enterprises step up their game.

According to a report, by 2021, 15% of customer experience applications will be hyper-personalized by combining a variety of data and learning algorithms.

Here are the top 5 few benefits of RPA-powered customer service:

Improved customer service

RPA is undoubtedly touted as the future of customer service. Why is RPA essential for improving customer experience?

As RPA automates the rules-based tasks, it assists the customer agents on calls with customers by providing accurate data about behavior patterns at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

This allows the human agent to focus his/her time more on building a relationship with the customers, understanding their problems and resolving them.

Enhanced customer satisfaction

As automation leads to reduced human errors and faster service, it ultimately results in customer satisfaction. Bots work at breakneck speed, solving queries and assisting the customer every step of the way in their journey.

By leveraging data, contact centers can focus more on interacting and engaging with customers, amplifying experiences and creating more sales.

Adoption of chatbots to answer customer queries

With the adoption of chatbots in contact centers, customer queries are handled more efficiently than ever before. As Bots work 24/7 without getting distracted, complaints from customers are attended to without any delays.

Chatbot solutions play a crucial role in enhancing customer service and are now increasingly being adopted by organizations across all industry verticals.

Some of the benefits of chatbots include — complaints are resolved quickly, around-the-clock service, easy communication, and providing a pleasant customer experience.

Helps access data analytics

Nearly every industry today deals with a huge amount of data being generated. RPA not only helps automate a large chunk of repetitive tasks, but it also helps analyze data across systems and platforms, thus enabling digital transformation.

By leveraging real-time data, human agents can comprehend unstructured information easily and also devote a large part of their time interacting with customers.

RPA can help collect, prepare and analyze fuzzy data to provide better insights into customer behavior, thus allowing leaders to make data-driven decisions.

As customer behavior changes rapidly, enterprises that leverage big data see benefits in the long run. Data integration and communication between various applications/systems play a crucial role in providing a seamless experience to both the agent and the customer.

Helps automate a variety of processes in contact centers

Robotic Process Automation, a magic potion that organizations across the world are looking to adopt helps automate various tasks in a contact center.

Whether it’s billing customers, resolving disputes or updating customer details, implementation of automation in call centers helps significantly reduce turnaround time and improves customer service.

Waiting on a call for long may lead to frustration in the customers. For the human agents, manually updating information, switching between multiple screens, etc. can be tedious and time-consuming. This is where RPA comes in.

Wrapping up…

All these benefits, drive home the point that the impact of automation in customer service delivers incredible value to the enterprise, its customers, and other stakeholders.

From generating reports from information gathered to providing personalized customer service, RPA has got it all covered.

AssistEdge Engage from EdgeVerve leverages the power of AI and automation to help organizations reimagine their contact centers and improve agent productivity by automating repetitive tasks.

It not only improves customer service but also provides managers with in-depth insights, thereby improving brand connect and loyalty.

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