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What Kinds of Processes Can Be Automated?

The concept of business automation has been a long held dream for many ventures over the years. With technological advancements and developments ramping up, certain business processes and workflows have been automated to save time, effort and money for the companies implementing newer and more efficient strategies. Take a look at some processes that can be automated for your business.

Repeated Processes

Those tasks that are relatively menial and repetitive perform well when automated. Manufacturing plants and factories that have used human beings in the past on a production line are finding that the advent of machinery and robotic arms can produce fewer errors and ensure superior quality and accuracy on the factory floor. 

HR is also freed up for strategic planning when there are fewer staffing issues regarding the rote tasks such as inventory management, database creation, purchasing, billing and shipping. As rote tasks become more uniform, they become more efficient and streamlined.

Decision Making Tasks

There will be some occasions where human critical thinking is needed to make decisions that are subjective or qualitative. However, for those tasks that can be decided based on an algorithm and can be machine-led, automation is a viable route for your business. 

A great example is if a customer needs to apply for something and fill a set of criteria. An automated process will analyze a set of customer-provided data to rank or score and then make a decision. Software automation is an excellent way to free up staff and save money, making the decision making process even more consistent, and faster.

Physically Dangerous Tasks

Many businesses that work within dangerous industries or sectors that require potentially dangerous tasks to be carried out are searching for more possibilities of automation. By removing the threat of injury to staff through the deployment of unmanned aerial vehicles and robots, businesses don’t have to worry as much about health and safety legislation pertaining to live persons. 

Processes become safer, more streamlined, and less risky; why send a human being into a radioactive environment if a machine can complete the task just as effectively?

IT Services

Batch processing, back office operations, and data backups are largely automated across the world. For most companies, IT services are outsourced and automated to tap into expertise not available in-house. 

IT specialist Brittany Fugate of Cenetric, a managed IT service in Kansas, will attest that while automating new processes can be tricky, “Having a managed service provider managing your IT helps streamline your progress and gives that added platform of IT support” which is ideal when implementing new technological strategies. An MSP can provide full automation for your nighttime data centers leading to secure networks and efficient systems, meaning less downtime for your business functions.


Since the beginning, we as humans have sought improvement to our lifestyle, and efficiency. It only takes assessing the benefits we have with the progress we’ve made so far, targeting markets, researching records, and embarking on thinking outside the box to really improve our processes.

Automation enhances the work ethic concerning crime records, law cases, files, and information that can be located and analyzed through software and coding processes.