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Why CBN Grinding Wheels are Your Best Choice

Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) grinding wheels can be the perfect item to add to your machine factory if you need to keep your cutting tools sharp on a regular basis. If your cutting tools end up not being sharp, then it can jeopardize the precision of your whole cutting process. It is essential for each of your cutting tools to be sharp so that they can perform their necessary job with the utmost efficiency. This will save you and your business a lot of time in the long run. It will also make you more money because other companies will love the craftsmanship that your company will be able to provide. 

What Makes CBN Grinding Wheels Different?

CBN is an extremely strong material. It’s so strong in fact that it’s considered to be the second hardest material in the world right after the diamond. However, CBN has some advantages over the diamond even though it isn’t as strong as it. CBN will not chemically erode as it connects with other materials- such as graphite, nickel, iron, or cobalt- like diamond will. This is an essential element of CBN as you’ll be using the grinding wheel to always cut other materials. Having an element that erodes over time as you use it more and more would not be an extremely helpful trait for CBN to possess. 

CBN Is A Cost Efficient Alternative

Another advantage that CBN possesses is how it’s obtained. CBN is a completely synthesized material. This means that it can’t be found naturally anywhere in the world. This is advantageous to you as a consumer for two reasons. The first reason is that CBN is more cost efficient because it never has to be mined. This vastly cuts down on the cost of the material as a whole since there is no cost for the mining equipment. It also means that unlimited amounts of it can be created in a lab.  

The second advantage is how easily the CBN can be shaped to whatever your company’s needs are. Many companies, like Hitek, can create the perfect CBN grinding wheel so that it fits perfectly with cutting the tool you need it to. 

What Industries Need A CBN Grinding Wheel?

There’s a wide variety of industries that can benefit from the use of a CBN grinding wheel. The grinding wheel is able to remove any debris off of the cutting tools without creating damage to the piece. The grinding wheel is also good for a lot of industries because it can be used whether the material is wet or dry, unlike some other cutting materials that are on the market. 

Some of the top industries that are likely to use a CBN grinding wheel include:

  • Aerospace
  • Composites
  • Dental
  • Oil and gas
  • Mining
  • Automotive
  • Military

Since the CBN grinding wheels do not generate a high temperature, they’re desirable in all of the industries above for their ability to create the desired cut for hard alloys.

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