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Affordable and Unusual Start-Up Business Ideas for 2020

The new year is upon us. How do you feel about your job and career prospects right now? Are you happy to carry on for the next twelve months doing what you’re doing right now?

If so, that’s great news, and we’re happy for you! If not, you’ve probably spent more than a few hours wondering what the best way of changing the path of your professional life might be.

There are hundreds (if not thousands) of people in the world who have the skill, determination, and vision to start their own business, but the majority of them will never do so. There are many reasons why that might be the case.

The biggest one, unsurprisingly, is money. People enjoy having a steady income, and fear of losing that guaranteed income is what stops them from setting up on their own.

A lack of start-up cash is also a factor. Almost any new business comes with at least a few start-up costs, and beyond those costs, you’d also need enough money to support yourself while you waited for your new venture to become profitable.

What if there was a way to have the best of both worlds, though? What if you could start a business up for little or no money and then work at it in your spare time until it was paying you enough money to give up your job and switch to running it full time?

Does that sound too good to be true? It shouldn’t. There are many start-up ideas that offer that route, and we’re happy to share a few of them with you right now.

Become An Online Slots Affiliate

It can’t have escaped your attention that online slots are a big thing right now. Relaxation of laws about gambling almost all over the world have allowed online slots websites to spring up everywhere, and they make big money for the people who own them.

The good news here is that you don’t need to know anything about online slots to get involved. You don’t even have to have played an online slots game in your life!

Loading up the most popular casino game like Fluffy Favourites, you just need enough money to become an affiliate of an established player, enough design flair to come up with a marketable brand and website, and enough knowledge about marketing to promote it effectively.

Every time someone plays an online slots game on your website, you get a cut of their money. It’s a competitive industry, but if you’re prepared to put the effort in when it comes to marketing and design, you can break into it.

Open a T-Shirt Printing Website

If you think t-shirt printing ever went out of fashion, you must have taken your eyes off what’s fashionable. T-shirt printing has never been more popular, and nor has it been more lucrative.

There are people in their 20s making six figures a year just through selling t-shirts in Amazon. There are hundreds of companies online who will handle the printing and shipping of your t-shirt designs for you, so all you need to do is come up with a design that will catch people’s eyes!

Funny slogans always work, as do highly controversial political or social comments. There will always be a time and a place for a unique piece of graphical flair, though, so if you have any graphic design skill, this is where to use it.

As with online slots, you’ll need to put the hours in when it comes to marketing so people can find your website. Once you’re making enough money, buy your own t-shirt press, cut out the middleman, and quit your job while you’re at it!

Website Trading

This is all about knowing what a URL might be worth right now, and what it might be worth in the future. There are two ways you can go about website trading.

If you find a small web-based business and believe you could easily improve it, you could simply offer to buy the whole website and run it yourself.

If you’re more interested in selling URLs, though, you need to be quick and accurate. Google’s AdSense and other tools can tell you a lot about URLs that are typed by accident, or URLs that people use when they’re trying to find something specific.

These are the sites you want to own because once you’ve got them, you can sell them to someone who might use them. Imagine you could buy and sell it to Nike, for example.

They’d buy it to avoid you (or someone else) using it, and you’d get more from them than you paid for it. Website trading is a test of ingenuity and wits!

Start a YouTube Channel

One of the top-earning lawyers in the world makes most of his money outside the courtroom, and rarely sees clients. He’s the man who owns and stars on the LegalEagle YouTube channel.

Every video he posts is guaranteed to get at least a quarter of a million views, and he both starts and ends each video with sponsored content. Not only that, he uses the channel to sell books he’s written, and just about anything else he feels like selling.

He’s been a success because he’s been able to take the dry topic of the law and turn it into something genuinely entertaining and relatable. Could you do the same about the industry you work in?

If so, it doesn’t take long for YouTube advertising revenue to start flowing in once you’ve attracted a regular audience. Product endorsements will follow shortly behind them.

Dumpster Diving

This involves getting your hands dirty – quite literally – but it’s worth it. You can make huge money as a dumpster trader, but virtually nobody wants to do it. Every day, people all over the planet throw out things that have material value.

They throw out old clothes, or working electronics, or old pieces of furniture. All of those things are worth something to someone. Even the components of broken electronics have value.

If there’s a large recycling plant or dump near you, make a habit of going down on weekends to see what people have thrown away. You’ll honestly be stunned by what you can pick up for free, clean, and sell on.

You can make hundreds of dollars from just a single day spent doing this, and once you have a taste for it, you’ll be driving all over the country and doing it full time.