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How to Become an Admired CEO According to Andrew Miller

As leaders of companies, CEOs garner a bit of respect without even trying.  Unfortunately, they can’t keep that up forever!  Being a CEO means having to oversee the livelihood of possibly thousands of employees.  It would help if you were capable of handling the business world’s strains with the grace and understanding necessary to work with that many people.

Former Polycom CEO Andrew Miller dishes on the steps any person can take to become adored and loved by your employees and the general public.

Listen To Your Employees

Those who work for you are the front line of your business.  Whether they’re dealing directly with customers or working in a factory creating the products you sell: your employees will help your company’s public opinion.  Work with them, and listen to them so that you can make an image you want others to see.  IF you’re unsure about what you can do to improve their jobs, speak with them directly and ask what they’re missing in their workplace.

Don’t Hide Away In Your Office.

Don’t stay holed up in your office during operating hours.  You should check out the sales floor, or go to where your employees are working.  A good leader leads the way by doing the work.  You can be hands-on to see what your employees have to deal with every day.  This plan doesn’t mean trying to replace them or that you have to do a forty-hour work week with them, but spending a couple of hours a week can do wonders for your business.  This work will show your commitment to your workers and help you be more in tune with your business’s pulse.

Be Charitable 

A company that gives is a company that people want to invest in and share their money.  Earn the public favor you need by giving charitably.  This option could mean offering charities loved internationally or focusing on things close to your heart like cancer, diabetes, or homelessness.  You can get a tax write-off doing this, which means that the rising public opinion will also help your company save money in the long term.

Source Your Materials and Work Well

Look into where you’re getting your materials and work done.  American consumers are concerned about where their things are made and who worked on them.  There’s a massive push to move away from sweatshops and fast-fashion type business and into a more healthily sourced business model.  You don’t have to be an entirely green company, but you should prove that you’re working towards that idea.

Be Open To Change

Please don’t be too rigid, or it could mean the downfall of your company.  Allow new ideas, new styles, and further information to change how you run your business.  Of course, you shouldn’t change everything, but you should let yourself be advised by your peers and employees to an extent.  Listening to these opinions, and accepting change, will allow you to create a business that will prosper and keep your employees and customers happy.  After all, a company that’s loved is a company whose CEO will be admired.