Business Start Up

How to Start a Business of Custom Printed Socks with Low Investment?

If there is one product that will never go out of fashion, then it is most definitely the socks. There has always been a high demand for fashionable socks, and it will remain to be so for many years to come.

Just in the United States alone, businesses selling socks have made profits of more than 7000 million dollars, and the market is expected to grow year after year.

Unlike in the past, people are not as reluctant to purchase clothing and fashion accessories online anymore. As a matter of fact, more than 20% of the socks sales are generated online.

Business opportunity with potentials of high returns:

Now that we have established the reasons why socks business is a great way for generating sustainable revenues, let us see how feasible it is to get started with the business.

To start a garment or clothing business, you will typically have to spend a lot of money on buying stocks and maintaining the inventory. It might seem to you like only rich people with proper financial backing can get started with selling socks online.

The good news is that you can start selling custom socks online without having to shell out high investments on purchasing stocks and maintaining the inventory and shipping.

Now with e-commerce websites and online stores becoming the dominant platforms for selling products, they have given opportunities for many newcomers to make good revenues by selling products online.

POD Business model:

Print on Demand business model has completely changed the equation. Now you can sell socks at online stores or E-Commerce platforms with low investments.

Top ‘Print on Demand’ (POD) companies like Printify allow you to get started with socks business, without having to put in too many efforts or having to invest in high capital amounts.

They have a wide range of latest clothing lineups and fashion accessories that you can customize and sell as your own products.

How does it work?

After registering for an account with Print On Demand Company, you will need to choose the type of socks that you want to market on E-Commerce stores and online platforms.

The prices of each and every sock will be mentioned, along with the time that will be needed for the production and shipping.

After choosing the types of socks that you wish to market, you can use their online mockup tool to create unique designs and patterns. The designing tool is quite advanced, where you will get to see the preview of finished products on high-quality images.

After you finish customizing the products, they will get automatically uploaded on your e-commerce seller account.

Now that the creative part of customizing your products is done, you will need to focus on marketing them. You can also promote them on your social media accounts as well.

When someone places an order for your product, the information will be sent automatically to the production line. The Print On Demand Company will totally take care of the responsibility of handling the inventory and shipping the products to your customers.

If you are thinking about making an entry into the e-Commerce business, or if you wish to add new products to your existing product line, then you must surely consider selling custom printed socks to increase your revenues.