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Low Cost Business Start Up Ideas

There is a common thought pattern that starting a business will take a large amount of start up capital. While many traditional businesses do require huge amounts of money, there are some business ideas that can be started with very little cash.

Starting a business in today’s economy can be risky. A large percentage of businesses close their doors within 1 year of starting. It can be very difficult in finding investors willing to take a chance on a new business. A person will need a plan of action drawn up that entices investors. Unless that business plan “grabs” an investor’s interest, most will not take chances.

This article will delve into low cost business start up ideas. Most of these business ideas can be started with a person’s own savings without having to find investors or obtain business loans. If starting a business has been on your mind, scroll down and discover these cost efficient ideas that can put you on the road to business ownership.

Network Marketing

There are a plethora of network marketing companies throughout the world. In the majority of these companies, there is little, or no start up costs. It is your own business, and your profits are a direct reflection of the amount of work you put in. These businesses are built on the principal of not only selling the products or services. But also gaining other network marketing business owners below you and you then earn a share of their profits. Some of the top named network marketing companies are:

  • Amway

  • Mary Kay

  • Herbalife

  • Avon

  • Advocare International

  • and many more.

Freelance Business

Depending on your skills and talents, you can start a freelance business in the niche you are a master in. Do you write? There is always a large call for freelance writers. There are also many who have freelance businesses in:

  • accounting

  • photography

  • website design

  • and many others

Start up costs can be quite low in starting a freelance business. A computer is a necessity, along with software. There may be other costs involved depending on the type of freelancing you perform.

Removing Graffiti

If you reside in a city, you probably see graffiti on walls and buildings. Many businesses are willing to pay a person/s to remove the graffiti. This type of business would take a small truck or van, chemicals and brushes, and a power washer would also be wise. Having a generator could be useful to power the power washer. Charging approximately $50 per hour is a fair rate. On an average graffiti removal, the bid would probably be around $300.

Swap Meet/Flea Market

A great business idea if you have a good size plot of land or a parking lot you can utilize is managing swap meets or flea markets. You simply charge rent to those who are selling, and you can charge a small entry fee to buyers. If you really want to go further, you could set up a refreshment stand too.

There isn’t much cost involved if you have the property, but you do need to have all the proper permits, and insurance is a must.

Gift Packager

People who have friends and relatives in hospitals and nursing homes want to send them beautiful gifts. If you have a knack at wrapping up gift baskets, you could start a business doing just that. You would want to find a wholesaler who handles items such as toiletries, flowers, and other items that will put a smile on patient faces. Some of the immediate costs would be an inventory of the items you would put in these gift baskets, a website, and advertising in local newspapers and other venues.

Nice gift baskets can sell anywhere from $30-$100. If you also add in a delivery service, you could make fees for that service too.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few of the possibilities. A person can start their own business with very little starting capital.

When you do start such a business, make sure and check all laws. You made need permits or licenses. It is also wise to have insurance, and many people form their company into an LLC (Limited Liability Corporation).

Starting your own business can provide a better life for you and your family if managed properly.

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