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Registered agent in Delaware for company incorporation

As we know Delaware is one of the small states of the United States located in the mid-Atlantic region. Delaware corporate tax is quite relaxing for the people ding business in the region. They don’t charge tax for intangible assets, and that encourages people to move their business to the place. Delaware is leveled as “tax haven.” The tax-friendly state does not charge tax on Social Security benefits, no local sales tax, no inheritance tax, and no personal property tax.

Read this article if you are looking for establishing any type of company in the USA.

Company registration for US Corporation, need a mailing address in the state. You don’t really need a physical presence in Delaware but a virtual address is mandatory for the legal proceedings. This you can get done through the help of a Registered agent in Delaware . They can help you proving a street address for your office location. You just need to pay them the annual fees charged by them.

So it is better to appoint an agent at Delaware who can act as the “Registered Agent” for your company. However, the agent is only supposed to execute the legal formalities for the administrative work required for Registry. They are not authorized to run your business or take any decision on behalf of you regarding your bank account.

If you have visited several other countries mentioned in the list of Visa Waiver Program before you came to the USA, then ESTA is not valid and you. In that case, you can apply for a regular B1 tourism visa or B2 business visa for a visit to the USA.

To take an appointment with the registered agent in Delaware, you should be furnished with original residence proof like water bill, electricity, gas, etc.

Apart from guiding the potential entrepreneur in establishing their business, these Registered Agents have a team of the skill of International tax lawyers and Corporate services officers in their team who can suggest you many good opportunities for your requirement. 

The charges may increase slightly if you wish to register your company to do business in a state other than Delaware. For that, you need to create a bank account as well. There are different rates for different regions like California is $ 100, while Ohio lowered their filing fee to $ 99. The highly industrially developed regions like Massachusetts, Illinois and the state like Texas has absurdly high filing fees.

Only filling the certificate of incorporation is not the end of the story. You need a resolution from the incorporator and should go for appointing an initial board of directors. So in a nutshell, to start your business in the US the document required is board resolution, then the appointment of officers, authorizing the issuance of stock, setting the fiscal year, the regulation and compliances, approving bylaws, etc.

Besides that, you need complete knowledge about Delaware business and its procedure. A small negligence can land you up in serious consequences. This is where you need the assistance of a lawyer in the scenario. The experienced lawyer having good knowledge of working with startups can do all of this for you.

So I want to congratulate the potential investors for your future business. Budgeting is an important part of running a successful business.