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Capitalize On A Part Time MBA At A Downtown Toronto Campus

Many people working in the business and finance sector would love to accelerate their career with a professional degree. Some find they are working fulfilling jobs but simply need to boost their skills. Rather than taking time off work to pursue a full-time degree, these days many professionals are exploring part-time MBA programs located in major financial centers. These flexible programs allow professionals to build relationships with other entrepreneurs and to implement a new skill set within their workplace as they learn.

A part-time MBA gives students a chance to upgrade their skills by adding a prestigious degree to their resume in order to get the job or promotion they want — all while they continue to work in their sector. Part-time programs offer flexible class schedules that are outside business hours as well as an opportunity to network and a chance for the student to apply the fundamental elements of their education to their workplace immediately.

These MBA programs allow employees to move across specializations and sectors, updating skills that could make them more likely to be sought after by employers. Many companies take an MBA into consideration when they are looking to promote strong talent from within to a management position. Upgrading skills while working looks good to your employer and some employers will even agree to help pay for an employee’s education.

The opportunity to network is crucial to a career in business and finance and in order to do so properly, it is important that a student is close to the action. Networking while attending an internationally recognized AACSB accredited businessschool is an opportunity for students to step outside the classroom and implement practical interpersonal skills that can’t be taught such as likability, emotional intelligence and relationship maintenance.

The Lazaridis School of Business & Economics offers a part-time MBA program from their satellite campus located in the Sunlife building in downtown Toronto. The completion of the MBA can be accelerated to take 2.3 years or students can extend it to 5 years and classes can be taken on alternating weekends, on Friday evenings and during the day on Saturdays. If you want to complete your MBA in Toronto there is even an option for a double degree MBA and Master of Finance, as well as an MBA program for CPAs. They encourage candidates to choose from nine specialization options, some of which include marketing, accounting, entrepreneurship, strategic management and international business management. Students can choose what skills they feel will most likely move them forward in career fields such as management consulting, business operations management, and market research analysis while planting professional roots in the financial district of a major city.

Business schools based in the middle of major finance centers put students close to the action. Convenient locations like these allow students to access events and parties like the Laurier Finance Meetup, a casual social event held in Toronto for past, present and future leaders. Events in the financial district will help students meet and mingle with like-minded people from recruiters and head hunters to operational managers and CFOs, which will help them form lasting connections.

The MBA credentials alone are great value for the cost of tuition,but theconnections made during a part-time MBA in a big city guarantee a priceless return on investment. An MBA program with a flexible schedule and a convenient location in a major financial hub could be the boost needed to add momentum to a career in business and finance.