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How to Achieve a Clean Workplace

A clean workplace not only creates a hygienic environment for employees to work in, but also offers advantages in other ways. A pleasant and dirt-free office boosts employee morale. No one wants to work in a dump. It also makes a good impression on anyone who stops by, especially customers and potential business partners. A clean workplace is a necessity for businesses. Here are several easy ways to keep your company’s offices clean and well-organised:


Introduce Trash Bins

Small trash bins should be placed by each desk so that employees can conveniently discard paper trash. Otherwise, little pieces of paper and plastic would end up being thrown about. There should be separate garbage cans for disposing of food waste as well. Keep these near the lunchroom or in other areas that employees eat. Make discarding trash as easy as possible to avoid the office getting cluttered and messy.


Clean the Floor Everyday

Don’t let dust and debris accumulate on the office floor. Not only is this unsightly, but it could also cause serious damage to the floorboards or carpets. An office is a high foot traffic area. Dirt can accumulate if not cleaned promptly. Therefore, hire a janitor to sweep the floor every working day. Make sure your office has one of the best industrial vacuums for optimal cleaning. Provide the janitor with the right tools to keep everything spotless.


Create Plenty of Storage Space

The office should have enough shelves, cupboards, desk drawers,and other furniture items for storage purposes. Give your employees personal storage space with desks that have in-built storage. Employees in cubicles should have the right type of cupboard storage as well. Make sure employees have space to store things even if your business is paper-free. People usually bring things along and keep them in the office. Storage space would prevent these items from cluttering desks and public areas.


Go for Minimalist Décor

Does your office have lots of fancy ornaments scattered about? Decorative items strewn about the place can accumulate dust and debris. Cleaning these daily by dusting would mean more work for the cleaning crew. A minimalistic office is easy to keep clean and free of clutter. Introduce sensible decorations like artwork that don’t need to be cleaned every day. Keep the tops of cupboards and cabinets clear for easy dusting. Maximize storage for the best effect.


Buy Washable Curtains

Does your company have blinds on the windows? Blinds are difficult to clean. A better option would be curtains. Get machine-washable curtains that can be quickly cleaned on a weekly or monthly basis. Dusty blinds could attract insects like spiders if not cleaned on a frequent basis. Washable curtains are a better alternative.


A Spotless Kitchen is a Must

Make sure there are clear rules for discarding food waste in the kitchen. Ideally, ask someone responsible enough to keep the kitchen area clean. Certain employees may leave dishes and crockery unwashed. Dirty kitchens can attract vermin and introduce foul odors to an office space. Therefore, do invest in keeping the kitchen as clean as possible.

Use the above tips wisely to keep your office space free of dust, debris, and vermin. Set up a cleaning schedule for the best results.