4 Things to Consider When Building a CBD Gummies Brand

Building your CBD gummy brand from scratch can be hard work. The biggest challenge is finding a way to stand out in a crowded field. Fortunately, with CBD gummy brands like Verma Farms forging the way for the exploding cannabis market, you have some excellent examples to follow on your journey. They have made a name for themselves by making sure customers immediately know that they only make the best, highest-quality products on the market. 

Take time to research how high-quality, successful CBD brands are making a name for themselves, and read the following key points to consider when building your brand.

1. Quality

The lack of regulation in the CBD gummy industry has led to major inconsistencies in quality, purity, and potency. Some brands use hemp sourced by disreputable farming practices, or they do not invest in third-party testing to verify proper labeling. As a result of the confusion, some consumers are reluctant to purchase CBD products. They do not want to get an unexpected dose of THC and end up feeling drowsy, or failing a drug test for work. 

Most CBD consumers are concerned about their personal wellness, and they want to know they can trust your brand. They appreciate feeling secure that the products they purchase will be high-quality, safe, and accurately labeled. Making sure your suppliers meet certain quality standards will give you confidence in what you are selling, and it reassures customers that your products are the best on the market. Your brand’s confidence and product quality will keep them coming back for more, and even telling their friends about your brand. 

The best CBD gummies are made from hemp grown organically in the United States. Suppliers should use sustainable farming practices because hemp picks up whatever is in its direct environment. If the hemp is grown in polluted soil or irrigated with polluted water, it will also be polluted. Additionally, hemp grown outside the United States, is not subject to regulations imposed by the USDA, and could have been sprayed with fertilizers and pesticides not intended for human use. 

The type of distillation used also makes a difference in the quality of your CBD products. Extraction processes that require high temperatures compromise the purity and potency of the resulting product. If possible, you’ll want to go with a company that uses the CO2 method, which allows for more control in the process. 

Finally, suppliers should provide easy online access to their Certificates of Authenticity. These are lab results that confirm there are no harmful chemicals or heavy metals in their products, and the stated amounts of CBD and THC are accurate. When you can easily find the Certificate of Authenticity, you know your supplier is transparent and proud of their products.

2. Customers

Now that more and more people are becoming educated about all the amazing benefits of CBD, nearly everyone is a potential customer. Entrepreneurs and executives take CBD gummies to manage stress and maintain focus at work. Athletes take them to boost performance and reduce recovery time. Some people take CBD gummies to alleviate symptoms like anxiety, chronic pain, or skin problems. Others take it for general wellness. Consumers even use CBD to help their pets live healthier, happier lives.

Companies recognize this, and new CBD gummy brands are popping up every day. In order to differentiate yourself from the crowd, you need to focus on a specific audience. This way, your marketing is geared toward one group, and stands out to potential customers that fit into that market.

Find out your audience’s preferences, learn which issues related to CBD are important to them, and become and expert on ways CBD can solve their problems and improve their lives. Once you know your market inside and out, use your brand to communicate that you understand what they need—and can provide it—better than anyone else.

You want consumers to connect your brand to your products the way people connect Ford to cars. Consider your audience when designing your logo, creating your content, and choosing your font and colors. Then stay consistent in the way your brand presents across all media. Keep your message simple and straightforward, and make sure people know exactly what your brand offers. 

3. Online or Brick-and-Mortar

Your presence impacts your branding. If you have a physical location, or you sell products to brick-and-mortar retailers, your brand is in a local community. You have the opportunity to build relationships and connections with your customers, and your brand will likely be seen by several people every day.

If your brand only has an online presence, financial investment and risk are lower. You avoid paying rent for a store location, and you may not even have to purchase inventory up front. You will, however, have to work harder to make your brand known, building relationships with customers that only exist in cyberspace. 

A brand that has a physical presence as well as an online shop, gives customers the best of both worlds. They are likely to make a greater number of purchases when they are regularly reminded of your products, but can shop from the comfort of their homes.

4. Number of Products

Do you want to provide customers with every possible option for their CBD needs, or would you rather focus on providing a few outstanding products? This can be one of the toughest decisions to make when you are first starting out, because each option has its own set of drawbacks. 

If you carry a wide array of products, you ensure that you can meet every customer’s potential needs, but you may lose customers in the clutter of your site. If you decide to put all of your efforts into marketing and selling a few products, you may lose out on reaching customers looking for something else.

Going back to your market research may help you find your answers. Nearly everyone likes the convenience and tastiness of CBD gummies, but most markets diverge in their interests after that. Athletes use topical CBD products to relieve sore muscles. Pet owners use CBD infused treats for their furry friends. People trying to alleviate symptoms may be looking for the precise dosing that tinctures provide. Keeping this in mind, it may be a good idea to focus on what your specific market is looking for.

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