5 Most Popular Business Majors

Let’s explore some of the popular business degrees you can attain from a business school or university faculty. A degree in one of the many available business majors offers tremendous career opportunities.

Studying business prepares you to work in a variety of settings in business, government and non-profit organizations. Whatever your interests, investing study effort into one of the following areas can provide you with the knowledge and skills to find the right career path right for you.


Accounting is more than just bookkeeping. It’s learning the way to gather and report the financial activities of a business or individual.

By studying accounting, you discover how to make sense of the numbers. Accountants learn the language of business, and they translate financial information to give their business partners or clients valuable information. An accounting degree is one of the best for guaranteeing consistent employment.


Finance majors also interpret financial knowledge. They typically use their skills to assist corporations, nonprofits or people plan for the longer term. Each company depends on someone with financial knowledge.

Whether or not they’re creating budgets or planning investments, those in financial need sturdy mathematics skills. If you would like to work in this field as a broker, you’ll got to get some skilled experience and pass specialised tests.

Business Management and Administration

Business managers, directors, and owners are those that keep businesses heading in the right direction. Whether they’re running a small business or part of a large corporation, similar skills apply.

Students majoring in this area learn to do tasks like analyzing a business’s strengths and weaknesses, or discover the most effective way to build profits.

With this kind of degree, you’ll potentially be able to work in a variety of companies in many different industries. Popular positions include marketing manager, management analyst, business manager and international sales representative.


Having a decent product doesn’t guarantee a prospering business. Marketing often makes the difference between a company’s success or failure. Graduates with a marketing degree generally work in marketing, advertising, PR, or product development

Marketing professionals find out things like the following: a way to value product, where to sell the product, how to advertise and promote the product. The proper marketing plan ensures that business people create the most profit from their product. And it helps customers realize what they need at the price they need.

Human Resources Management

A human resources degree typically results in work as a human resources assistant, generalist, or manager, depending on the level of degree completion. Graduates could choose to specialize in a specific area of human resources management, such as recruiting, labor relations, or benefits administration.

This business major may be right for you if you are naturally a team player who enjoys operating with people genuinely. Verbal and written communication skills and social skills are all musts.

How Specializing Helps

Within the field of business, there are many various degree specializations. Choosing to undertake a specialized degree can prepare you for additional niche positions that set you apart from general business majors.

Of course, these aren’t the only degrees accessible to you as a business major. There are many alternative business majors worth considering. However, the above list can offer you somewhere to start.