5 Tips for Planning a Great Business Networking Event

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, investor, or professional looking to advance your career, real business insight comes from connecting with other founders, CEOs, and investors.  That’s why business meetings are important.

They’re an important place to pitch your ideas to other innovators and to garner knowledge about your competition. However, since, most tech company leaders are busy people, organising them can be a tedious task. Not to worry, here’s a step by step guide to help you with that.

Plan to Provide Transportation

Relying Uber or any other public transport can become very costly? Availability can become an issue any time, and taking in a lot of people to your venue separately will cost you a pretty penny.

In such a situation you might want to charter a shuttle bus rental which ensures that the travel is smooth.

With the bus, remember to choose the kind of bus you’re using carefully. While, a student charter bus can raise a few laughs, it would create problems for many of the higher officials.

Choose Your Venue Carefully

The venue you choose should not be too far from the airport and the city. It should be navigable and the visitors should be able to reach there easily. And once you have looked after that makes sure your venue is spacious enough to accommodate all the guests.

Make sure that your venue is accessible to all the employees and the innovators that are invited. People would congratulate you for having a more wheelchair-accessible venue as well, as for having more open spaces for people to mingle and talk among each other.

Not only that, remember to choose a venue that doesn’t go too much into the interior and provides everyone the opportunity to reach without getting lost. Remember the people you’re inviting are business people, and the loss of time can mean a lot of offence for future partners in your endeavours.

Book Relevant Speakers

This is important. Even though most of the work happens face to face having keynote speakers in the meeting is a good way to attract the crowd and make the meeting more appealing. Check out their politics from the start.

One of the key points to keep in mind is that the speakers should be inoffensive. You might check out the speakers in that area’s TEDX convention, or even go for some Guru who knows about your field.

Keep in mind that the speaker would set the tone for the evening and help in navigating conversations so, choosing speakers who encourage conversations is the best way to go. Look out for speakers who might be affiliated to a rival company, they are a big no-no in such meetings.

Offer Multiple Speaker Tracks

No single speaker can manage different events, therefore it is important that there are different speakers for different events which target all types of audiences.

Multiple speakers also ensure that you have the chance to drive different executives to different rooms and have varied conversations with them.

This way you won’t be lacking for places to converse with your future partners and for discussing ideas. Also, the wide playing field would mean that you have more time to arrange the PR.

Organize Networking Time

No business meeting is a successful one without a perfectly planned schedule, therefore it is important for you to plan all the events carefully so that the attendees have enough time to interact with each other.

Maybe, organize a cocktail mixer where your employees can interact with the innovators and come up with ideas? Or organize a large dinner where the primary focus is on talking and introductions.

Another sure shot way to get through to a large group of people is by maintaining some good talking points which you can bring up whenever you’re running out of conversation materials.