5 Types of Business Mentors Who Will Help You Achieve Your Goal

In recent times, various terms have been used to describe different duties that most mentors play. However, other mentors are like coaches that are used by close people to guide them in making the right decisions.

They provide psychological support to their entrepreneurs whenever they are facing a lot of challenges in their businesses.

At times, business mentors are very respected people in the community since they bring a positive impact on every entrepreneur’s business. Anyone can use a mentor to define us and also expressing our inner calling.

Here are five kinds of people you should have in your corner in case you need help or support.

Masters of craft

This type of mentor is the most iconic people in their respective fields. Master mentors tend towards being the members of the old gang, who have gained experience over a long period of practice. 

Master, mentors can give you an accurate understanding of the history and values and also help you see what other respected leaders are doing so that they can be better at what they do.

They are best at training us the skills and sharing their wisdom so that we can understand the game and be the best in our fields of profession.

The chosen mentor should help you realize your natural strength and move towards nurturing it towards perfection.

Champions of our cause

It is very reasonable and obvious to have someone who you can always turn to whenever you need something or someone who will always have your back whenever you are facing a lot of challenges in your business.

Sometimes, you will find yourself in a position where you will require emotional support and be sure that someone cares about you and your business.

A champion is someone who is always looking out for you and also helping you move towards your career and also in attaining your goals.

They will also help you connect with other champions within your business field since they are superior and will always know what is best for you.

Copiloting colleagues

Mentors can sometimes be a friend or a copilot. You do not need a mentor who is always superior. Sometimes it is good to have a friend in a mentor where a relationship is firmly built.

This kind of relationship is always built when you are looking for a new mentor from an online platform such as lisnic or when you’re showing them around your office or even when you decide to take them for lunch and show them where they should be doing it.

He is someone who you should trust when you have a significant project in your business, and you are facing some challenges.

This is the best type of mentor since you can support each other, hold each other accountable, or even collaborate in anything.

Your quality of work and your engagement levels will improve whenever you have a copilot in your life.


An anchor is someone who you will always run to when you need to be confident or have a psychological boost so that you can pass through a hard situation.

They’re mentors who can be trusted in sharing everything that is challenging you and who can also show up anytime you need them.

They might not be there whenever you need them daily, but they will always help you nurture your skills, offer support when there is the need, and also offer advice on your goals.

Us, as entrepreneurs, will ever need someone to keep our interest in mind and help us grow even in uncertain ways.

Anchor mentors can be family or friends or community leaders who are always ready to offer support from a professional or personal level.

The reverse mentor

Did you know that even mentors themselves should be ready and prepared to get mentored? Well, the millennial generation will always have something to offer in return since they give fifty percent or even more in their workplace.

A reverse mentor is someone willing and able to learn from the new technology and more so from the younger generation. The younger generation will feel more valuable in their work whenever their opinions are heard.

Companies need to value the younger generation and also the older workers’ wisdom for their business to take a positive direction and later achieve their goals.


It is always up to us to be useful in everything that we do. Having people that will help you see your mistakes and change the mistakes into something better can count to your success.

A mentor is someone you should choose to spend time with to nurture your skills and also help you achieve your goals and objectives.

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