5 Ways Salesforce Marketing Cloud Can Help Leverage Your Marketing

For running a successful business, monetary assets are certainly one of the important requisites that one needs. 

However, business isn’t just about selling services or products. A significant part of your company’s success depends on the relationship between your firm and your clients.  CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is the foundation on which your business success depends on. Also, CRM data management is directly associated with marketing.

Needless to say, having a proper business CRM is like having the most powerful tools too. This brings us to Salesforce marketing cloud (SFMC), a perfect tool that can help boost all your business activities. It comes with technologically advanced features that can allow you to understand your clients effectively. This, in turn, helps improve your sales rates.

In this blog post, we’ll tell you how you can boost your marketing by using this tool. First, let’s start with the basics.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud: What It Means?

“Salesforce gives my company an edge over my competitors. There is always one new solution available to catapult my company a step ahead in the most simple way” says Edilson, IT coordinator for L’Oreal Brazil.

Essentially, the Salesforce marketing cloud refers to a powerful marketing automation tool, which enables companies to improve their marketing activities’ effectiveness. The study suggests that Salesforce implementation results in a boost in lead volumes by 27%, lead conversion by 30%, and marketing ROI by over 25%.

Source: Salesforce

If you aren’t aware of what Salesforce does, you just need to know that it helps bring businesses and their clients together. It offers an integrated platform to assist and automate all your business processes. 

Furthermore, the marketing cloud offered by Salesforce enables you to deliver personalized and relevant journeys to your customers across all the appropriate channels and devices.

Additionally, within Marketing Cloud, you can also take advantage of the integrated solutions that are available, including customer journey management, data analysis, content creation & management, advertising, web personalization, social studio, mobile studio, email studio, etc.

Source: Salesforce Marketing Cloud

These integrations are there to help achieve your primary objectives, create new goals, and clearly visualize the customer journey. The marketing cloud of Salesforce covers every aspect of customer engagement and interaction.

How Can Salesforce Marketing Cloud Help Improve Better Marketing?

Now that you know what the tool is all about, let’s have a look at ways to improve your marketing efforts by using the Marketing Cloud by Salesforce.

Appropriate Customer Communications

CRM solutions like the Marketing Cloud from Salesforce can provide a much required and accurate customer-centric outlook of businesses. More importantly, you can also get an extensive view of every client with this CRM tool.

By using the SFMC’s robust data management tool called Audience Studio, you can record, save, and merge the data to obtain in-depth information about your target audience. This can, in turn, empower you to collaborate and connect with the preferred clients at the right moment.

Source: Salesfource Audience Studio

Best of all, you can do this over the board and for an extended period and as such, improve customer loyalty and establish meaningful relationships in the long run. At its core, the Marketing Cloud enables you to deliver the appropriate communications at the most suitable time and to all target audiences at a scale. This further helps you achieve a better ROI on your marketing investment.

Cross-functional Advertising

In today’s dynamic business scenario, it’s critical to communicate in cross-channel and cross-functional marketing. SFMC is a CRM software that lets you create highly targeted & functional marketing by combining key touchpoints such as direct mail, emails, mobile, advertising, services, commerce, sales, and the web.

You can also make strong adjustments to your campaign based on the current and past customer behavior, their attributes, interests, and what appeals to them the most. This will further help improve engagement and customer satisfaction. If you wish to create personalized & targeted mail, the Salesforce Email Studio offers a comprehensive collection of features that are not offered by other CRM solutions.

Source: Salesforce Email Studio

Predictive Analysis

Another important CRM tool that helps in shaping the customer experience (CX) is known as the predictive analysis. SFMC evaluates the past behaviors of a client to predict accurate future actions.

With the Marketing Cloud, you can deliver a personalized journey by using the behavioral data of your target audiences. For instance, if one of your clients always make purchases during a sale, then they’ll always receive notifications concerning the latest ongoing or upcoming sale.

As a marketer, you can drive CX based on your preferences. This will lead to an increase in response rate, which can ultimately help in making your brand successful. 

Build Social Media Presence

Within SFMC, there’s a tool called the Social Studio that enables you to improve your social media presence. Here’s how the Social Studio can help your company:

Your marketing team can curate corporate profiles, develop user-centric content, endorse marketing campaigns, and engage with the audience. The marketing managers, on the other hand, can focus on the bigger picture and analyze if your initiatives in social media succeed or not.

The sales department might also begin nurturing potential clients by identifying posts with a purchase intention and an information request.

Furthermore, your service agents may follow suit once they track negative feedback or complaint on social media since this enables them to engage with the client and fix the issue.

Personalized & Automated Marketing

With SFMC’s complete set of marketing automation software like Pardot,  you can boost your organization’s flow of potential customers and quality leads by increasing the overall conversions & building strong customer relationships.

What’s even better is that you can automate the entire process. This way, you’ll have more opportunities to develop a better understanding of your clients’ needs, boost marketing investments, and yield more returns on the investments made for marketing.

By automating the common sales and marketing tasks, you can focus on the business activities that matter most. From devising engaging and personalized customer experiences at all touchpoints to refining the buying journey & improving the overall revenue, are all that actually matters and SFMC helps you do all that.

Bottom Line

Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers game-changing benefits. In today’s competitive business landscape, SFMC offers an edge to not just sustain but expand your customer base. 

All in all, if you wish to stand out among your competitors and want your clients to acknowledge you for exceptional quality service, then the Marketing Cloud by Salescloud is just what you need!