5 Ways to Protect Your Business Against Theft

Running your own business is never easy, there are lots of things to consider and security is just one of them. The last thing you need as a business owner is to deal with property theft, whether at a farm or in a business district. Although it can be difficult to completely eliminate the risk of theft, there are some things business owners can do to stop it occurring. Here are some ways to protect your assets.

  1. Electric Perimeter Security Fencing

High quality electric security fences are used in both commercial and residential settings. Fences, regardless of their type are installed to protect the perimeter of a building, stopping anyone from entering the property who is not authorised to do so.

These security features are easy to install and if you are looking for an electric fence online, there are plenty of websites to do your shopping. You can order a product if you know what you are looking for and it will be delivered to your premises.

Electric security fencing offers a range of advantages, here are some great reasons to install them around your perimeter to protect your property and inventory.

  • Discourage Unauthorised Entry – When intruders are presented with an electric security fence, they rarely, if ever try to get past it. Who wants to risk getting electrocuted when there are easier targets without any kind of perimeter security?
  • Less Maintenance Costs – Most electric fences are manufactured from steel or aluminium. They are generally coated with an adhesive that stops them from rusting as they are exposed to the elements on a daily basis. This means there is no need to paint or re-stain the fence, once erected it requires little attention.
  • Safer Security Fence – In comparison to other fences such as barbed wire, electric security fences are a lot safer. Barbed wire is a dangerous feature to put around your building, it also adds nothing in terms of aesthetics.

When thinking of ways to secure your property, an electric fence should be at the top of your list.

  • Security Cameras

Security cameras act in a similar way to perimeter fencing, they are there to discourage burglars from entering a property. When someone knows they are on video, they tend to look for more vulnerable targets.

Some business owners feel there are a wise investment, while others consider them a waste of money. This is mainly because they do not act as a physical barrier, something that a security fence does do. We feel that security cameras are a good product because they capture images or record events that help to solve crimes.

The protect a business during both operating and non-operating hours, just like electric security fencing.

  • Alarm System

Another good way to protect your property is to install an alarm system. Luckily, security fences often come with warning systems that tell you when the fence has been breached. This is great for farms, as it can be difficult to monitor such a big area without warning systems.

There are many ways to protect your business against risk and investing in a modern alarm system is one of them. This system will protect your business from theft, vandalism, and burglary. Most modern alarm systems are monitored by security firms that visit the premises if a sensor has been triggered.

  • Protective Doors

Access points are always an area where you should pay attention when securing a business. You may need reinforced external doors or even security gates depending on the area. A sturdy protective door will stop burglars from gaining access to a building. A security gate around the perimeter of your business does the same job, only it acts as an external barrier between the intruder and your business.

Protective doors are like a last line of defence. If the criminal has breached the doors, they now have access to the building. But getting past modern security gates and protective doors is no easy task, especially if you are dealing with electrified gates or security doors.

  • Eliminate Temptation

Aside from installing state of the art security features, it is wise to secure valuables and do not leave openings for burglars. Most robberies occur because a business gets careless with their security. They forget to secure the property and they leave products on display, which tempts people to try and steal them. Make sure everything is locked away and secure when the business shuts down for the night and no vulnerabilities are open to exploit.

Running a business is hard enough as it is, so do not take chances when it comes to your security. The first place to start is outdoors, get in touch with an experienced security fencing team and protect the perimeter of your building or land. All of the tips in this article are designed to help commercial companies safeguard their assets.

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