6 Must-Do Tips For Starting A Personal Injury Firm

6 Must-Do Tips For Starting A Personal Injury Firm

Like starting any other business, starting a law firm is not as easy as it would appear. Are you a lawyer working under an injury firm, and now you want to get free and work on your terms? Or maybe you have just graduated from law school and want to take a more direct route in your career path following your passion. Here are some tips for you to start a personal injury firm.


Identify the specific area in law you an expert in. for a new lawyer, you identify these skills from your experiences as a law firm’s volunteer lawyer. Make sure it is what you want to do and focus all your energy on the identified field. Select one that matches your personality because choosing otherwise makes your work tedious and exhausting. Remember, you want your injury firm to rise and do well, so also make sure you specialize in the right area of practice. As it is, some areas are more challenging to break into when practicing. There are times cases will arise once or twice a year, and as the new firm, you want more wins and build a reputable name. Select an area that most clients will identify with and expand to more areas as your injury firm grows.

Business plan

A well-written business plan will contain details on the objectives for starting the injury form, the steps to be followed when setting up the firm, and adding a time factor that will help you as a lawyer keep track of our activities in achieving your goals. Besides acting as a motivating factor, a business plan will help you identify your strength and weakness, and you can adapt to various happenings in the future as you plan before they happen. This detailed document will be a useful tool when writing your budget as all the resources will be outlined so that allocation will be an easy task. The kind of human resources that you will require will also be outlined in the document. Do not forget to include your injury firm name in your planning. Most importantly, this document will be needed for a financial institution when acquiring a loan to finance your activities and write a realistic business plan.


Before starting an injury firm, you will need to pool enough funds to run all your activities. You can use personal savings as capital, ask for family and friends to donate towards the project, use inheritance to start your law firm, or approach a financial institution and obtain a loan. Capital is necessary for renting out space and buying furniture. As you collect the funds together, remember to plan for the few first months’ expenses before you can start counting on profits. Most importantly, cater to insurance cover to ensure all the risk as you setup your injury firm.


Find an ideal geographical area to locate your offices. Remember, this will be the space clients can access you physically. Select a location that will serve you but consider easy accessibility for your customers. Do not locate your office too far away from where you can pose a travelling challenge for most clients. After selecting a location, look for a decent but low-cost room or rooms to rent out. Remember staying afloat when the injury firm is still new will be difficult before establishing a customer base. Keep everything within your budget. Look for office furniture and design your layout. Do not forget to install all other tools that are necessary for a lawyers’ office.

Create a client network

If you were previously working with another injury firm, you already possess several clients. Discuss with the clients to see if they are willing to move to your new injury firm with you. If you are entirely new in the firm, it will require you to establish a client base. Learn how to approach new clients and ways to attract more customers to your injury firm. You can also request your lawyer and judge’s friends to refer clients to your injury firm. Create and maintain a good relationship with the public through communication.

Marketing the injury firm

Create a good image of your injury firm and sell it to the public. A large population is depending on technology for information. Use technology to your advantage by creating a social media presence and utilize it by letting people understand the law. Let people know the defence your injury firm is offering. This can be done by creating a website. Hire an experienced web designer who can do the website for you in a professional manner. Write blogs about your injury firm and activities. Write articles in newspapers and magazines and put your injury firm out in the world as much as you can. Also, try off internet marketing methods by attending public gatherings like burials, church services, weddings, political meetings, and talk to everyone willing to listen to you.