6 Reasons To Use Business Text Messaging

Messaging is a very convenient communication method for most people. Therefore, incorporating text messaging into your marketing strategies is essential to increase your brand awareness and achieve other campaign goals.

You can use it as a marketing medium for those customers who opt into your business and submit their mobile number. You then segment your customers into groups based on their interests to send them personalized messages. Here are various reasons why you need to be using business messaging.

1. To Connect with Customers on A Personal Level

You will often find most people looking at their phones whenever they feel bored. Others have even created a personal relationship with these gadgets since they offer them a chance to stay connected with their loved ones.

Therefore, convince your target audience to have your brand in their inner texting circle for one-on-one conversations. The message is more likely to grab their attention when you personalize the textual content.

2. You Can Send Promos Directly to Their Messages/Phone

Besides face-to-face conversations, messaging is the next direct form of communication. Although some people use filters to block away junk emails from their inboxes, they always receive text messages.

Once you have the right target audience, you can send direct promo messages, sale-related vouchers, or discounts to their devices. Your marketing content will only take a few seconds to reach your target customers.

3. Its Cost-effective

When sent in bulk, text messaging is a cheap marketing alternative. Additionally, you can use messaging services like SMS API to reach out to a vast number of potential clients cost-effectively. It makes SMS marketing an affordable option even for small businesses or starters looking for budget-friendly options.

4. To Maximize On Reach

95% of individuals aged 18 to 29 years and 91% of those between 30 and 49 years actively uses text messages. Therefore, you have a chance to send your promotional content to as many people as possible, provided that they have a mobile device and an active signal. It doesn’t even require an internet connection, thereby guaranteeing a wider audience reach across a wide demographic.

5. It Promotes High Engagement

It’s worth noting that 85% of mobile users prefer messaging with businesses to other methods of communication. Again, your clients are more likely to respond to your texts rather than calls or emails.

When you send messages to your target customers often, they will always feel like they are part of your brand. If they need your services or products, they will remember you, and they even have an easier way to reach you.

Additionally, after closing sales, or after a customer has interacted with your brand for a while, messaging is the easiest way to ask for feedback, rather than running email survey programs. You are more likely to get feedback from a message than an email since the read rate is very high.

6. It’s Easy To Execute And Manage

SMS marketing is the most uncomplicated way to connect with your target customers. You only need to create engaging text featuring your business offers, unique product features, or coupon redemption to kick off the conversation.

Additionally, business text messaging begins with a permission-based relationship. Hence, you can gather a lot of data concerning your target customers’ interests to create a highly personalized message that will grab their attention.

Further, you can see a list of sent and delivered messages to assess the level of customer interaction. You can, therefore, measure the real-time performance of your marketing campaign to adjust when necessary.


SMS marketing is a handy tool that can help you drive substantial traffic to your business. It’s a reliable, less invasive, and time-efficient strategy that guarantees better returns on investment.

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