6 Ways Long Distance Moving Companies Can Attract Customers

6 Ways Long Distance Moving Companies Can Attract Customers

Long-distance moving companies, also referred to as interstate move, long haul-move, and a cross-country move, move items for over 400 miles (ca. 644 km).

Today, there are hundreds of long-distance moving companies across the county. Competition is also on the rise, and each company is looking for unique marketing ways to stay in business. Due to this, long-distance moving companies are regularly applying ways to attract customers for the good of their business.

Let us find out six ways long-distance moving companies can attract customers.

1. Using Google Advertising Services

Advertising your long-distance moving company through Google generates traffic for your business. Google offers you various ways of spending on internet advertising. For instance, it boasts of the Pay Per Click that gives you the chance to post adverts on mixed google media such as:

• Shopping network

• Search (Query search)

• Display (Ads banner)

• Video (YouTube)

Google charges you a lead fee once a potential client clicks on your long-distance moving online advertisement.

You can also use Google Guarantee to attract customers. How does it work? Google promotes specific companies in your niche that are Google Guaranteed. Therefore, it guarantees a refund of $2,000 to your customers in situations where they are not satisfied with your services.

You are obliged to submit your business license, background check, and insurance to Google in such an engagement. Once Google verifies your information, your local service advertisements become live. From that point, they appear at the top of the search page whenever a potential consumer is searching for long-distance moving services.

2. Giving Expanded Forte Services

Expanding your long-distance moving services earns you more leads. Customers love companies that offer extra services in cases where they have particular types of equipment. When you give additional services to your customers, your business becomes multi-dimensional and attractive to customers.

Since many long-distance movers specialize in moving large and bulky equipment, mentioning the kind of items you carry makes your services more transparent. You can include specialty items such as:

• Piano

• Storage containers

• Motorcycles

• Antiques

• Pool tables

• Hot Tub

With such services, you will capture customers searching for the same and find your company above your competitors who offer similar services.

3. Engaging Social Media Content

Today, many businesses are thriving through social media platform advertisements such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, P interest, and LinkedIn. Although the moving industry appears dry compared to other types of businesses, don’t let it be.

Posting your long-distance moving services online is an excellent way of marketing your business. With billions of people on social media platforms searching for moving services, you will undoubtedly generate traffic to your page and even attract potential clients.

Even better, you can sponsor a charity organization or come up with smart marketing ideas and post them on your social media platform. Such methods will generate positive reviews and attract traffic for your business.

4. Alerting Customers That You Are A Licensed and Insured Moving Company

Customers find pleasure working with insured professional movers. Moving insurance guarantees the safety of customers’ equipment, and in case of any damages, there is a compensation guarantee. Long-distance moving companies should ensure that their customers know that they are fully insured and licensed through advertisements.

5. State Your Value Over Do It Yourself Movers

As a moving company, your biggest competitors are DIY movers. Moving truck rentals, friends, and family truck owners are your competitors since they offer free or low moving costs.

While moving companies’ commercial leads offer the highest value for each job during the off-season, it is crucial to target the small jobs. Smaller jobs are essential for your marketing plan as they can lead to more significant leads.

DIY movers enjoy the satisfaction of saving money and achieving the move on their timetable under their supervision. Declaring your value publicly over truck rentals and DIY movers reminds potential clients that they can avoid the inconvenience of moving themselves. Offering them some discounted prices puts you ahead of your competitors that hunt for driving leads.

6. Dominating in The Off-Season

As a moving company manager, your off-season marketing strategy should top your list of things to do. Long-distance moving is a seasonal business where demand is high in sales seasons and low in off-seasons.

Low seasons negatively affect the business with reduced revenue, which means that you have to survive and choke your competition.

During the peak season, competitive movers get bookings four weeks earlier because of high demand. Some get plenty of jobs to the extent of turning down some offers. It is essential to plan well during the off-season. You can hire or buy more trucks three-four months before the peak season and also take time to advertise more.

Once you have fully strategized, you will optimize on high demand during the peak season. You can prioritize customers that book appointments first and leave the last ones to other competitors once your list is full.

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